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Thread: toddlers and tiaras?

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    Default toddlers and tiaras?

    For anyone's who's seen ad's for this show or has actually watched the show, what do you think about it?

    Personally I always felt uncomfortable just watching the TV spots for it since I think the girl's look pretty trashy sometimes especailly the ones who totally overload on makeup.

    It reminds me of this a bit.

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    I don't like watching the show much (although I have a few times due to curiosity) because most of the time you can plainly see that the parents are putting their kids through this for themselves, not for them, and it really has nothing to do with what the kid wants (despite whatever the parent says.) I say that because of the parents' behavior and attitude...maybe I'm wrong but I don't think I am. Why can't parents let kids be kids instead of parading them around in pounds of makeup and ridiculously expensive dresses as if they were just baby dolls instead of their precious children? I don't get it. Plus then the kids get this complex of 'I have to be perfect...' and... I just don't like the show one bit. Plus it sometimes gets really trashy with the outfits/dances the kids have to wear/do, plus the parents' childish antics.

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    I hate that show.

    The children obviously really do not want to go through with this. The parents are transforming them into something they don't want to be: different. The children want to play and have fun like a toddler/little child should do. Instead, the parents are smothering them in make-up and making them parade in front of judges, an audience and all of America for their own pleasure and benefit.

    The parents should be ashamed, and I say that with as much honesty as I can.

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    I'm a very liberal guy, but I think this show, and the participants (parents and organizers) are some of the most morally bankrupt of any of the so-called 'reality' shows.

    It's beyond pathetic for many reasons, but what I can't quite understand is just HOW it is that in a society that regards pedophilia as the absolute lowest of the low, the go-to Boogyman of societal woes, how can it be that this show with its tarted-up, beslutted pre-schoolers (I've stumbled across a few pics online... they made me feel creepy, like I was looking at child porn) gets air-time?

    Grandfathers get arrested or questioned for having pics on cameras at the airport of grand-kids wearing a speedos at the beach, but we let parents enter preschool girls in televised competitions to see who is prettiest while wearing more makeup than a hooker, dressed in fuck-me Spanx and thigh-high sports socks (one of the stills from the show I saw)?! And the moves they make the little girls do... it's hooker dancing, complete with ass-shaking, over-the-shoulder kisses, etc. etc... Seriously, WTF?

    All other issues (control-freak delusional mothers, feelings of the children involved) aside, the above just smacks of insanity, and the mixed-messages it sends to the viewers is intense.

    I mean, seriously... what would you think if some male co-worker ever said the following; "Wow, did you see last night's episode of Toddlers and Tiaras? That four-year-old blondie really shook her ass, eh!?" You can't call the cops; it's a freakin nation-wide television show !!

    I just can NOT believe it's on TV.

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    All it is is pushy mothers living their dreams through there suffering child. I find that very sad.

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    Some of the kids actually want to be in those competitions, and all power to them if it's what they want to do. But it seems a majority of the kids on that show are being forced into it by their parents, which I agree is morally wrong. It's amazing what they are willing to put on TV these days.

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    I think it teaches little girls all the wrong things.
    It's like baby Gap, little kids should not be wearing skinny jeans!

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    Among the many issues I can point to with that show, the one that gets me is that we're basically exploiting young kids for trashy shock value, well before they are of age to give any kind of informed consent to be made into a laughingstock.

    If an adult is willing to make a fool of himself on reality TV, that's one thing, but to strut young children out like that as a spectacle which largely denigrates them, at an age before they can possibly understand the implications of such, is wrong.

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    I find the show absolutely disgusting.

    Edit: blegh, i guess i should clarify. It robs kids of their childhood and teaches them incorrect values about the importance of their appearance from a young age. They have no choice in it. Let kids be kids. let them enjoy that precious time that they can never get back.

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    I feel like these parents are unintentionally dangling their kids on a fishing line in front of pedophiles. This is what I believe happened to Jean Benet Ramsey (Pardon any misspellings).

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