View Poll Results: Which OS do you use on your smartphone(s)?

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  • Android

    25 53.19%
  • IOS

    18 38.30%
  • Blackberry

    4 8.51%
  • Windows Phone

    4 8.51%
  • Symbian

    1 2.13%
  • Neither

    4 8.51%
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Thread: Smartphone Poll! Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Symbian

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    Default Smartphone Poll! Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Symbian

    Windows Phone

    Post you thoughts on each operating system and vote for the one you use!

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    Not to double post or anything but it was supposed to be a poll -__- . I'll figure it out eventually...

    Anyway, I'll start it off. I use Android but have used Blackberry.

    My phone's in order of current to oldest.
    Samsung Galaxy SII (AT&T)
    Samsung Captivate (AT&T)
    HTC Aria (AT&T)
    Blackberry Pearl 8130 (Alltel)
    Samsung SCH-N330 (Alltel)

    I use a lot of Samsung lol

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    Android. I have a backflip with telus. I find the backflip to be very unreliable and buggy and telus isn't that great but I haven't had any major problems yet. I do really enjoy the Android marketplace and the way I can customize my phone though.
    I don't really like the look and feel of the IOS/iphone. I have never had a problem with blackberry and I would be interested in getting a Windows phone.
    I don't know what Symbian is.

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    64GB unlocked iPhone 4s. iOS 5.

    I can't really comment on any other OS's because I've only ever used iOS. my thoughts on iOS are pretty simple. I love it, I just wish apple would give me the ability to delete unused native apps. thats honestly my only quibble with iOS. I'm not a big mobile gadget person though, so I'm not very opinionated on the subject.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have a Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) and a T-Mobile Springboard tablet.

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    Windows Phone for the last year, iOS for two years before that, and variously Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, Windows CE (the original version), and Palm OS before that.

    While iOS was pretty far ahead of all the OSes I'd used before a few years ago, I found the new Metro UI Microsoft introduced in Windows Phone 7 very appealing and so switched to it at the start of last year.
    For business productivity I've found WinPho's integration of Office and with Exchange better to work with, and I've also become convinced that Metro is the future of UI design.

    I guess that last statement is probably hard to understand if you haven't used a true Metro UI extensively, as at a glance it just looks like bigger icons. However I'd say the real quantum leap in Metro is the underlying philosophy - "the content is the chrome", as I've heard Microsofties are saying.
    It might not sound like a big idea, so try designing a UI with zero chrome as a thought exercise. I found it surprisingly tricky and refreshing!

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    iOS. However, I would really like to try the Nokia N9, the Harmattan (MeeGo/Linux) OS looks awesome.

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    WebOs 4.5 on the Palm Pre-

    Its a nice phone. I love playing in the system files and making it do things its not made to do. :P

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    I have a cheap pre - paid LG Optimus P350 android at the moment, but I have owned a shitload of phones. I mostly get hand me downs, from pawn shops and through eBay/garage sales ect, as I don't really want to get locked into a contract.

    (Some) phones in order, have had more but so many I couldn't list them all:

    First: Motorola SLVR L6 - Hand me down from best friend

    Nokia 6085 - Bought for $89 from post office because the Motorola didn't take memory cards and had 8MB of memory

    Samsung SGH-E250 - Bought for $69 because I dropped the Nokia in a bucket of paint

    Motorola KRZR K1 - Bought for $99 because the Samsung was a piece of shit

    Nokia 6120 Classic - Hand me down from my father

    Nokia N80 - I maintain this was my favourite phone I have owned yet, even though they are five years old now I would still chase another second hand one down, got it for free from my cousin when he got an N900

    Samsung SGH-F480T - Traded N80 for it, biggest mistake of my life

    BlackBerry Curve 8520 - Hand me down from mother, really like BlackBerry OS, if I was going to buy a new smartphone it would be one of these

    Samsung Galaxy 5 - Bought for $89 to try out Android, later sold it to a friend for same price

    iPhone 3G, 8GB Black - Got it for free but sold it for $200, didn't like iOS much

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro - Bought from a Cash Converters for $63 because whatever stopgap I was using after the iPhone broke on me

    LG Optimus P350 - And here is where i'm at now. From a garage sale for $35, because the Sony had a 6 hour battery life.

    So yeah, that's that. And I have had more, too, this is just what I can remember off the top of my head.

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    I currently have a Blackberry Curve 8530 (purple) with Koodo

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sprint-blackberry-curve-8530.jpg 
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    I really like Blackberry...for the most part.

    I did have a Nokia C3 (in Blue) prior to this (with Rogers), but I decided to get rid of the phone and switch to Koodo (cheaper). Alas, I sometimes kick my own @$$ over that, since I really did like that Nokia.

    Before that I had another Blackberry...a Pearl 8120 (in Red) (also with Rogers).

    I had a bunch of crap phones before that...not worth the energy of going into at this point.

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    I used to have an iPhone for a while, but as soon as I tried the Samsung Galaxy S I just couldn't go back to iOS anymore. The customization options with Android are just amazing (even without root/custom roms).

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