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Thread: Question about online ordering...

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    Question Question about online ordering...

    Hey everybody, I was thinking of ordering online pretty soon, but I just have two questions...

    What place/brand do you guys recommend?

    Any advice for how to time the order? (I mean like trying to get it to arrive during a weekend so that I'm the one who gets the package... I kind of don't want my mom or dad to see it, you know...)

    I guess that could be considered 3 questions... oh well :P

    Any advice/ comments are appreciated

    Oh and I can't really use a P.O. box because the nearest one is like, a million miles away... (ok maybe not a million, but its really far >.<)

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    I have been converted to Bambinos as of late, so I order from them; they have good customer service and reliable shipping. I have also ordered from XPMedical and can recommend them, as well. Both ship in plain packaging and leave practically no hint of what's inside the package. They're both professionals in my book.

    As for timing, that can be tricky if not impossible to gauge. Since Sunday is out of the question, you would have to hope that it arrives on Saturday. I have had packages arrive from England within a week's time, while letters from one state away have taken a couple weeks. I have given up trying to guess how long the mail will take. So, really, the only way to have any measure of certainty would be to order next-day or two-day air, which will definitely up the cost. Outside of that, though, you will be taking a greater risk. Sorry I can't give any more help in that regard.

    I hope it works out for you! ^_^

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