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Thread: Bedwetting has stopped!

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    Default Bedwetting has stopped!

    Ok, so about two weeks ago I stopped wetting the bed at night. I have wet twice, however, but I have stayed dry all other nights. I am glad that this damn thing is finally over, but the MAJOR downside to this is that I am almost completely out of diapers and will have to be very careful about my usage. But now I get to go on sleepovers w/o worrying about peeing all over the place.

    Oh, and if I decide this is not a very good idea or want to try again, I could relapse either purposely or accidentally and the way it is handled is most likely going to change VERY little.

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    I'd say to wait a month with no wetting before saying that you'll be free from it for like sleepovers...But it sounds like you've really improved

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    Yeah I know. I'm kinda upset about it tho. I guess everyone has to buy their own diapers eventually. And like I said, if I really want to, I may relapse into bedwetting to get more diapers.

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    Conglaturation ! Hard stuff getting out of bed wetting :s

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    Congrats! Hopefully your bedwetting doesn't return. I was 20 when I finally quite wetting the bed.

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    Well... yay and darn at the same time.

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    Conrats. From what most people have said the good side of this is far better than the bad side.

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