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Thread: looking for a simba footed sleeper.

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    Default looking for a simba footed sleeper.

    not sure if this is the right place to put it. but anyone know where i could get a hold of one? or at least somewhere that would make custom sleepers? i'd be willing to pay a lot for a decent, comfy one. thanks loads.

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    eBay is typically good for custom AB clothing so that would be your best bet. Good thing you're willing to pay because they can get quite expensive.

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    if i had some made in my store i know i could do it custom but i haven't had the money to make any yet to offer. sorry.

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    look at the owner loves making stuff like that. As long as you can find the material, the owner will make it.. I have a bunting bag in red with bears and a sleeper in dark blue with bears and spaceships with a back zippers and D ring collar.

    The owner can also give you ideas on where to buy the material and how much is needed.

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