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Thread: can any one help me out

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    Default can any one help me out

    hi i am just wondering if any one can help me i can not sleep i have not slept in 3 days but still not tired. it cannt be good for me not sleeping so if any of you mite know why i cant sleep or any thing that could help me to sleep i would be very happy thank you

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    Have you tried doing a lot of mental/physical activities?

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    yes well i have done quite a lot of physical activitiesbut not mental i could try and see if it helps

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    id say first cut out caffine, and relax take like meletonion if you have it cuz it helps you sleep. hope it works out

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    Lay off the nose candy! Seriously, though. 3 days without sleep is bad -- I've done it several times myself but only because my studies depended on it, and only by forcing myself to eat instant coffee by the spoonful.

    I find it hard to relax in a cluttered room with lots of distractions, so I'd tidy up, have a warm bath with a cup of Horlicks, and generally try to make your room as relaxing as you can.

    Then immediately get a copy of the album Chill Out by the KLF (on CD -- this won't work with lo-fi MP3s), lay back, close your eyes, and concentrate on the music. Make sure you're right in the middle of the stereo hotspot (or use headphones). I've never found any other recording to be so effective at relaxing me -- usually relaxation CDs are so boring and inane they actually stress me out! But Chill Out is like a musical dream journey. It's awesome.

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    thank you all of the advice i will do as much as i can today and see if i can sleep tonight

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    No caffeine, no sugar.
    Turn off the light, the computer, the tv, the video games.
    Drink a warm drink (warm milk sounds yucky to me but some like it...or hot chocolate...NOT tea or coffee!)
    Lie down in your bed under a warm (but not too warm) blanket, with your favourite plushie...and close your eyes!

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