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    has anyone tried these yet?

    the seem to be the best of both Abena and Molicare

    i just got a couple of bags in from XP medical they are Very interesting.
    they, at first glance appeared to be Mollies, possibly like a cheap knockoff, the color was similar (slightly more magenta than the mollies), slightly crispier plastic, and tapes that could be from Molly (except logo), and definitely thinner (dry) than either Abenas or Molies, the interesting thing is that they seem to hold ALOT of PEE. i put these on a par with Abena Super X plus, good wicking, and the structural integrity is better, i e heavy wetting doesnt seem to result in a loss of shape (stuffing falling and collecting in crotch), one warning, get these babies wet, and you will be waddling. give me a few hours, and i'll let you know how the end of life stages for this diaper are

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    Hmm... I've seen them advertised on XP's website... never thought of ordering them before. They always seemed like a hospital-brand to me.

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    Are they expensive? I just bought two bags of Attends, and am kinda second guessing...ugh.

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    ok, i just finished off the first diaper, after drinking about 3L of fluids, i have learned something today, don't ever test a diaper for the first time while driving, i did. and i regret it, i didn't even know i soaked the seat until i got up. had to do the jacket around the waist thing to get to a restroom. well, to put it mildly, that large sucked down about 48 oz, it weighed a good solid 3 pounds or so. while it didn't make it all the way to the back of the diaper, the thing held up pretty well, all the way to the point i wish it would bunch just a little, i ended up walking like i had a 4x4 between my legs, it was not beneath notice to some ppl either darn it.
    i think i have just found my favorite diaper! ahhh, now to finish of all those mollies and abenas

    oh yes! their less than a buck each!

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