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Thread: Is anyone else's fursona... themselves?

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    Default Is anyone else's fursona... themselves?

    I know a lot of people view their fursona as another person. They give them a different name and a different personality, and only vaguely relate the character to themselves. Personally, I don't get this... why would you want your furry self to be separate from your human self? My fursona is me, just in furry form. Does anyone else see it this way?

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    my 'sona came about during a coma and is what i would have been like if a certain car crash didn't happen

    after waking up it soon became apperent that Temme's personality had kind of latched onto me as (so my dad says) i was acting strange as i was flicking between the two without noticing the change (which would be rather hard as i am a solitary and abasive person whereas Temme likes groups and is a happy go lucky type) so after a number of visits to a psychiatristit came to light that i have dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) as when one takes over i couldn't remember a thing about swapping. i have though over many years to be able to stay as one or the other and have manged to take the good from both people into one indentity but i still can lose this control and lapse into really young and childish or abasive and not very nice

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    I see it that way, too. My fursona and I are one in the same. Granted I'm a babyfur, so my fursona is really my AB side--which can be a little different personality-wise from when I'm pretending to be an adult XD

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    Sadly, my fursona is a dead hamster some asshole kid forgot to feed.

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    My fursona I see is myself. Granted I do see me sona more of what I want to be and try to be. He is more androgynous and acts more girly and is also a cboy. I'm trying to get more to this state so we eventually do match eachother

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    My fursona is me. The personality of him is mine. What he likes/dislikes, that's all me. My fursona is effectively me in furry form, just with a different name and different looks, obviously. But the personality is the same as mine.

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    My fursona which is my own age is me exactly. My littlefur-sona is pretty much me, but is not cynical or lazy.

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    I have two fursonas and while they are both different from myself they are both deeply connected to me as a person.

    I'm not exactly like either of them but if you put them both together you would come pretty close to my core values, belief and person.

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    Same with me, its just my personality ^^ i'm so childish *giggles*

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