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    Is it just me or does it seem like society, or at least western culture, is trying hard to break down "gender roles" and let people be who they want to be. For example women these days are encouraged to get jobs, and many years ago they would never be caught dead in pants. And now days men are encouraged to express their feelings more. All this as opposed to even 50 years ago, when gender roles were much more strict. Now while most of us can agree that this is better for the progression of society, I often meet and see men who are cross dressing, or "sissies" very much like to conform to these strict gender roles are being broken down.

    I apologize if I didn't explain myself well enough, but what is everyone else opinion on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freddy View Post
    gender roles
    I hate em,

    but I wouldn't really say that society is trying to break down these gender specific roles, more or less it is just happening, from the cause of people being who they are, breaking the "rules" themselves. No matter though, it's defiantly a fact that these gender roles are a lot more broken down than they were in the past (IE, woman weren't allowed to vote in the past), but there are still a lot of things that are still a "role for genders".

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    Watching wander son, which I highly recommended made me think a little more on this ...
    ...I would like to add, that even though girls in the past weren't allowed to do much, It seems that they can get away with a lot more things than guys can. Such as they can wear guy cloths, but guys can't get away the same as wearing girl cloths. Girls seem to also get away with being cute (easier), but for a guy, most would say its creepy.

    EDIT: just finished watching the whole wandering sons series in the 6 hours I "borrowed" from sleep time :P
    It's still, if not more, highly recommended by me personally.
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    It seems that they can get away with a lot more things than guys can. Such as they can wear guy cloths, but guys can't get away the same as wearing girl cloths. Girls seem to also get away with being cute (easier), but for a guy, most would say its creepy.
    Very true. I was just thinking that I found my thought to be, ironic. Though that might not be the best word choice.

    And I will watch that series, do you know if it is on netflix by any chance?

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    Society is breaking down the female-to-male gender roles, but we're a LONG way off of breaking the male-to-female gender roles. Women are much more free to take on male characteristics (because male characteristics are viewed as beneficial), but men are not allowed to take on female characteristics (because female characteristics are viewed as detrimental). It's why it's easier to be a butch woman than an effeminate man (the latter will get you killed, your ass kicked, or killed). And God help you if you're trans (or genderqueer) -- spoken by a trans person.

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    I debated with myself whether or not to respond to this particular thread...and...somehow or other I decided to go ahead.
    My parents never really imposed 'gender based roles' on their children (they had 7 of which I'm the 6th).
    One of my brothers, born in 1950, asked for and received a baby doll that drank & wet. He named the doll "Petey". Another of my brothers, born in 1965, had a decidedly feminine doll dressed in a sailor dress & hat, with long golden curls. He named her "Honey" and took her everywhere, including to the Children's Hospital when he had to go in for surgery at age 2.
    I was born in 1963 and played with Tonka toys (the big metal ones) and 'dinky toys' (matchbox cars), drove a pedal car (okay it was my cousins, but I loved that thing).
    I don't know if this is the 'norm' for families in Canada...but it's certainly the norm in my family.

    Note: boy of my brothers are truck drivers, and are married with children.

    As for the transgendered thing. I have a friend who is transgender. She works for a security company, and with her wife & kids have a 'home-based' business that they promote at the local 'market' on weekends. I have never seen or heard anyone giving her anything but the respect she deserves. Perhaps it's the congeniality of the east coast, I dunno. But anyway....

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    It sounds to me like a lot of the gender ROLES are breaking down (women are more likely to get jobs, men are more likely to show their feelings, as freddy's original post said). However, it seems as though the objects associated with those roles aren't really breaking down. Certainly, there are some people (like ayanna's family) who didn't conform - boys could play with dolls, girls with cars. But I think that's still the exception, rather than the norm. And clothing...oddly, it's become acceptable for women to wear men's clothes, but the reverse is definitely not true.

    Odd how the actual roles seem to be changing, but the symbols of those roles appear to be more or less unchanged.

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    Well said Adventurer. I think you captured in the most true essence of what I wanted to say but didn't know how.

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