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Thread: Hallo ADISC! :D

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    Default Hallo ADISC! :D

    hiya, my names krow~ im well known on another DL site but i just found this one im silly and goofy and love making new freinds. i can be a baby or caretaker too if anyone wants one. i hope i get to meet alot more close freinds here

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    Hey Krow!

    Nice to have you as a new member!

    Just curious, when dod you 1st start to like diapers? (I was 11)

    Also, are you a GA Bulldogs fan by chance. They have an awesome football program!


    - Will

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    thanks you both! idk how this site works so idk how to send u both visitor messages :P....

    well i started getting into diapers when is was.... almost 8. i found a pair hidden in my bathroom and tried it on and loved it so i was able to sneek a few after that, but i eventually quite. in early 2011 i got into it again, and have joined several DL communities now

    and yes, im a georgia fan (i can already see members who like different teams hating on me now.... XD)

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    ok kool!

    and ADISC is fine with you liking whoever you want to like,
    if anyone here really bugs you or upsets you, under the post look for the triangle like this under the post and report it (spamming, flaming or disrespectful posts)

    I doubt it will happen, but for real, this is a site where the owners do everything to make sure its safe, respectful and that no one is harrassed or bothered.

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    lol cool thanks :3 why cant i message other people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krowsan View Post
    lol cool thanks :3 why cant i message other people?
    Welcome to ADISC You'll need to level up to established contributor to send messages. Seems to work better for us to have a waiting period. Might want to look here for more information.

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