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    My strange medical issue is back, the temporary bladder incontinence. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I developed this a few years ago after combination of things: a) a bad reaction to a medication and b) a uretoscopy done wrong where the hammer got locked in the up position and pulled out. Since then, off and on, I will just simply lose continence, with no warning. This can be really embarrassing. Being a home body is nice as it has mostly happened at home, where I can get a change right away, but not always. Bladder spasm medication seems to help, sometimes, but I often spend several days diapered. I don't like the medication as it affects memory and I need that in grad school.

    So, I am trying to figure out what to do, in conjunction with the doctors. Any help on the diapering end, as wearing for fun is not the same as wearing for need.

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    Hi there Heather! Best advice I have for you is to get some quality diapers. I use the Abena abri-forms level 2 (supers). My favorite supplier is XP Medical, but there are others, too. I have uncontrolable wet days, too, and with a high-quality diaper I can get 4-6 hours or more between changes, with little fear of leaks. If you can't order online, or need something to wear in the meantime waiting on your order to arrive, try store-brand fitted briefs doubled, with slits cut in the backing of the inner one. Again, this should get you about 4 hours between changes.

    For going out in public, practice changing diapers standing up. Some folks stand against the wall to hold up the back of the diaper. I prefer to squeeze my thighs together after pulling the diaper up between my legs, freeing up both hands to fasten the tapes. It'll take some practice, but then you can change in any public restroom stall.

    In my opinion, you're better off diapered with a clear head than foggy without needing diapers. I've never taken bladder medicine and have no intention of doing so, as I have no desire to experience the side effects.

    Hope this helps out a bit. Let me know if you have any other questions. Wishing you the very best.

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    I am not sure of what is available in the US, but he type of Velcro fastened diaper (like Tena Flex) that fastens with a cummerbund like band around your tummy is very convenient and easy to put on - I find them much quicker to use than taped dipers and as all the fastenings are Velcro it is simple to undo if you can get to a toilet in time, or need to adjust the fit. Attends and other makes do diapers similar to the Tena ones mentioned above. There is a small picture of the Tena Flex at: Tena Flex Belted Briefs - Super (16) - Pack of 30 | eBay

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    Find the diaper that you enjoy wearing most of the time and stock up. It will help you feel good knowing you are wearing your favorite diaper. The meds for me never did work. The cost was high and my mouth was always dry and my diaper was always wet.

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    Thanks. That really helps. We'll see what the doctors say on the 27th.

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    Well, the doctors say I have Ideopathic Overactive Bladder, in otherwords they have no clue either. They gave me a medicine I have taken before to take daily but sheesh... no actual resolution. If the medication does not help then who knows what the next step is.

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    Sorry there is not more good news. The one thing to take into account that has not been mentioned here (and doesn't need to be) is the quantity of urine voided during the bouts of incontinence, I guess the advice (including my suggestion) was made on the basis that a diaper with a good capacity was needed. If the involuntary loss is not very great - or you can exercise some level of control to stop or even slow down the flow, other kinds of protection might be more comfortable and suitable. If the drugs help then that must be good news - We are not doctors and cannot comment on medication - but my urologist was prepared to prescribe for me on the basis that I would take the tablets if I felt they helped - and leave them in the box if they made no difference- or had side effects I didn't like.

    Whatever method you choose for protection it is important to be sure that you can have confidence in it and have a daily routine that could leave you exposed to wetting incidents while unprotected. I think this is important if you are sensitive about the problem. I went through a stage of wearing a diaper sometimes but not always and get depressed if I had an accident and needed to change my clothes. I think the key to coming to terms with any awkward condition is to be confident about how you manage it (this applies to the "awkward condition" called children too!).

    I think others here will be able to confirm that despite all the inconvenience and distress of being incontinent (to whatever level) it is still possible to be be happy and free of undue anxiety - but adjustment to change takes time and you can't hurry some things.

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    When this hits I tend to wet a lot, so I wear a diaper. We are trying a new medication to see if that actually helps so here's hoping. But if not, it's not as if I am not able to roll with things and be okay with wearing a diaper. It will just be a bit awkward telling my friends about it.

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    I hope it doesn't come to having to wear a diaper permanently- but even if you need protection for w short while think carefully about who you tell - sometimes a "softly softly" approach is easier all round - little bits of information get noticed or shared and soon everyone knows but there was no embarrassing "I must tell you this" moment". After all this is a pretty private matter and not many friends (over 20 anyway, and not anonymously on the 'net!) have conversations about frequency of skid marks or if they wipe front to back or back to front.

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    Pretty much only my partner knows and I believe my kid has an inkling that something is up, though not the specifics. Unless this becomes a bit more major an issue I did not feel comfortable oversharing.

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    I would have to agree that keeping and wearing a good quality diaper or even pullup during the time it flares up will make you feel safer and more secure knowing that if/when you wet that you won't leak so quick. My doctors are at a lose too as to why my bladder no longer works like it should. The doctors have accepted that diapers are the best thing for me at this time. I too don't feel like over sharing with others or letting others know that I have to wear diapers. Why do we need to share with others what type of underwear we have on.

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