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Thread: Your Perfect Diaper

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    Default Your Perfect Diaper

    If you could, I don't know, wave a magic wand and materialize a diaper in front of you, what would it be like? It could have any design, thickness, color, feel, likeness to existing diaper, ect.

    I'll start:

    Personally I like thick diapers, but there is a limit at where I don't find them comfortable anymore. For some reason my perfect diaper would be almost too big for me. I always liked diapers that rode high up on my waist, almost completely covering my stomach. Finilly it would look like the older luvs diapers these (I know other diapers were/are similar, but this my favorite look ). Aaand that's about it. Now it's your turn! What would your Perfect diaper be like?

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    I've bern wearing Tena full briefs 24/7 for the last few days and they're very comfortable. But I like thick diapers as well so that they hold more.

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    I suppose my ideal diaper would be an adult-sized Huggies. I love the Mickey Mouse prints and they seem to have a good amount of thickness.

    Plus, they have one tape on each side, perhaps the one thing I wish the Bellissimos would change.

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    I'm honestly not sure I could think of something better than dry 24/7. I love these things and i'm not sure I could dream up something better.

    Ok, I take that back a bit. I'd love a dry 48/12 or a dry 96/24. I doubt it'd be useful in 99% of situations but I'd love a version that was just really really absurdly thick.

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    Leak proof/flood proof, breathable disposable, that is quiet has good refasten able tapes that come undone unless you undo them, and can hold a days worth of wettings(128floz or so in my case) or so. So I do not need a change on the run, also they must be order proof just in case, and preferably under $3 usd per diaper.

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    One of the best diapers I have worn is the Tena Slip Maxi which I found in Europe. They have a nice plastic outside covering and are thick with great padding. They also fit me well. This would be the prototype that I would use to design a new diaper.

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    A diaper that felt like smooth comfortable velvet on the inside, was thin like a goodnites pullup but was not removsble( almost glued for life) and would never need to be changed- could obsorb any amount forever and was ofor proof- that way i would never need to step foot in a bathroom again

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    Thick, absorbant, adorable, crinkly, awesome tapes, rides high up,etc.
    For a pull-up diaper... big enough to fit my waist, rides high up, cute patterns... xD

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    A Tena Slip Maxi with single tapes on each side and a baby pattern like the Bambino Teddy. Yep... that would be pure heaven

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotstuff View Post
    A Tena Slip Maxi with single tapes on each side and a baby pattern like the Bambino Teddy. Yep... that would be pure heaven
    i completely agree with this! used tena's a few times they are awesome, but expensive as hell...

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