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    Does anyone else here love how Deus Ex Human Revolution turned out? I loved the first game, second was okay, and when I saw the third, I immediately thought "Please God don't let them screw this up" 'cause it had a cool neo-rennesanse art style with the Old Master style interplay of dark and light in the cutscenes and the architecture with all the LED candles. Well it turned out awesome in myopinion, altough they took out too many of the free roaming areas. Hengsha and Detroit were some of the coolest parts of the game and originally Upper Hengsha and Montreal were ex-plorable as well.

    I also appreciated the touches of realism in regards to jenson being an ex-cop. He holds himself like a cop; talks like one, moves like one, and exudes that calm confidence that police officers need. I really appreciated this realism in the weapons handling also. Everyone had good high grips, none of that hollywood 'cup and saucer' stuff, and more importantly, and quite unusually for a video game, everyone kept their fingers off the trigger. Only first-person Adam doesn't, and that is due to ease-of-animation, and his finger is removed when sprinting. I'm a sport shooter, and no one, not cops, soldiers, hunters, or competition shooters, ever walks around with their finger on the trigger. You are a danger to yourself and others when you do this and to see it averted is a refreshing change that avoids the usual suspension of disbelief breaking that occurs with untrained actors or animators.

    All in all, an awesome game and I can't wait for the sequel.

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    It's a good to great game. Here's proof.

    (Go to 1:16 and prepare to laugh)

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    I played the beta and... well yes... it's quite good for a contemporary game, yet I feel it still suffers from the next gen problem of content being so expensive to produce that every bit is streamlined and shoved down your throat as you move through areas. I really tried to explore the Detroit Hub and yet it fell somehow short on my expectations. Especially the refinement of dialogue and literature. I can only guess that the story turns out equally bland.

    And there are those boss battles which are so unbelieveably bad and unfitting that it kept me from playing the game. I can't believe how anybody could fuck up so bad.

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    I guess I agree. Detroit felt very underutilized. The boss battles in the finished version weren't bad. Haven't played the beta so I can't compare, but compared to the first game's avoid-or fight battles, it is a disappointment. And as far as the streamlined nature goes, that, I guess willl be the norm until thechnology becomes cheap enough to make hidden areas equally vibrent. The dialogue was very deep in the finished version, and felt more natural than the rather stiltied script of the original. I rather liked the story. I don't know how the beta presents it but I felt it was quite well-presented and deep in the finished product.

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    The beta was basically the full game up to the first boss. They let it slip as some sort of demo for press and others prior to release.

    Dialogue and voice acting of the first game was definately not perfect or even good in some moments, yet it had really interesting characters. Which is probaly more of an overall writing and believeability issue. Detroit was just so shallow. No homeless or drug addicts with an own story to speak to, no sign how the protests were cleaned up, an incdeible amount of gansters lacking any source of income or residence, an undercover whore who shouts everything at your face in front of her "colleagues"... an expensive high rise extactly between some run down appartment buildings and an abandoned factory... meh.

    Now I need to play the first game once more.

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    Well, I liked it. Some of the "bosses" were pretty easy to beat and it could have been a little longer, but the way the story turned out really made it a good game in my opinion.

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    I really enjoyed it (still am, haven't finished it yet) and with side-missions and all that, it is a great game. Not too long or too short in my opinion. The only thing I really didn't like, and almost put me off, were the boss fights. I completely focused on stealth, and none of the bosses have more than 1-2 approaches, stealth not being one of them. So that is a shame and very unbalanced. I managed boss 1 by hiding in a corner where he couldnt reach me and boss 2 with some help from websites. But all in all, an amazing game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    It's a good to great game. Here's proof.

    (Go to 1:16 and prepare to laugh)

    Ha ha, that did make me laugh.

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    It was a very fun game, got really good towards the end. I just wish The Tyrants played a larger role.

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