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    Yesterday, I biked to the store and bought myself adult diapers. The buying process wasn't really that bad. I looked down at the shelve and grabbed the tena briefs package then to the checkout. She ran it through the checkout discreetly. The diapers were able to fit my bag perfectly.

    I biked home with anticipation to try them on. 5 minutes later, i'm home with the house to myself. I examen the package for a while then I decide its time to use them. At First I almost put the diaper on backwards. I tried to drink as much water as possible. I don't know how many times i wet my self.

    I have to admit it was fun being in diapers. I would still be wereing them but i have a school ski trip at 5am and i have to wake up at 3am.


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    thats awesome im glad you finally got to experience what diapers are like .have fun with the rest of your pack.

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    The first time is always amazing. Enjoy your diapers!

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