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Thread: Is it XPMedical or the Postal Service? (rant)

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    Angry Is it XPMedical or the Postal Service? (rant)

    I'm surprised that this has even come up, because I've heard of all the XP Medical praise, and how reputable the company is and all that. It seems odd that I would be having a negative experience.

    I placed an order exactly one week ago from this past Sunday (February 5). I wanted to order with my Debit Card (which does have a Visa logo on it, FYI) on the payment page on the website, but after I filled out all my information, I got an error saying that my card wasn't able to be used on that paysite for some reason. This has never happened before on any other site, and as people seem to suggest, if it's got a Visa or MasterCard logo on it, then it should work.

    I shrugged it off and created a PayPal account just to place the order. The reason I have never used PayPal account in the past is primarily because the wording on some of the information forms you have to fill out is confusing. More specifically, I am referring to what the billing address on the card is and the location to ship to. It refers to both of these as "addresses" with no specifics, and I was concerned that if I ordered, my package would be sent to my card's billing address instead of my PO Box like I requested. But I sent the order in, no less, inquiring that it me shipped to my PO Box. (It's at a college campus, but I've ordered all sorts of things here before, so this shouldn't be a problem.)

    I got a verification e-mail from PayPal saying the payment had gone through. But, I had expected that once XPMedical checked their e-mail, I would get some sort of verification saying "Hey, thanks for placing your order, your items will ship on... [blah blah blah]" But instead, Monday came and went, and I got nothing. I waited until about noon on Wednesday, and still had nothing. I sent them an e-mail asking if they got the payment, or if I could get some sort of confirmation.

    Thankfully, the responder (Gary?) was fairly quick, and he told me that he was sorry for the confusion, and that the order shipped on Tuesday by priority mail to the right address. He also said I could expect it to arrive in "2-3 business days."

    Well, making the logical assumption that because the website says that Priority Mail orders will typically arrive in between 1 and 4 days, and it was the third day after the order, I guessed that they would probably arrive in 2 business days. Friday came and went, and nothing was there. I would have to wait the whole weekend to get my items, because that would have been the next possible business day.

    I checked my mail on Monday. Tuesday. AND TODAY. Still nothing. That makes it almost a week and a half after I placed the order, with nothing in my mailbox, and an expensive payment floating over my head like a thundercloud. I asked yesterday if I could have a tracking number, and Lo and Behold, the USPS has no information on location. All I know is that they received the shipping information. The e-mail I got from XP said that sometimes the postal service doesn't put information up on tracking until it arrives. I would believe this, but it doesn't add up that any other package I've ordered via Priority mail has been trackable, with updating information.

    *breathes deeply*

    As you can see, I'm a bit frustrated. I paid extra for [B]PRIORITY[B] mail to XPMedical, who were late in sending me some form of confirmation, leaving me a bit worried. By calling the mail "Priority" it would imply that the mail has a higher priority of being delivered over other mail. Tracking has no information, which is odd, all things considered.

    I'm upset with both the postal service and XP, but I'm not really sure which one is more to blame for my experiences so far. I am hoping it comes in by this Friday, but who says that's going to happen? Back on topic though, depending on which company is more at fault, I may stop doing business with one or the other of them. The Postal Service had it a long time coming, but this is my first time ordering from XP. It's not the best first impression one could get from a company that so many people hold high and mighty.

    Well anyway, that's my rant. I didn't know where I felt like posting this, so if it's in the wrong forum, forgive me.

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    Honestly, I bet if you got in touch with XP Medical they would ship another one to you post-haste.

    The thing about it is, the Post Office does not make any guarantees that 'Priority Mail' will get from point A to point B any faster than anything else. As a matter of fact, there is very little that the USPS will actually "guarantee" to make it anywhere. That said, without insurance on the item or any sort of real point-to-point tracking, the USPS isn't really going to lift a finger to help you. As for tracking info not being updated, I have had that happen before many times--I have had tracking info only update two days after my package has arrived. Insurance on packages requires several MONTHS of time without an item arriving before you can file the claim. The system sucks, big time.

    With UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the other companies that are regularly used for document and package shipping, you can get a guarantee on many of their services for date and time of arrival. Additionally, insurance up to a basic level is included in case your package is lost or damaged, higher levels are usually added on as the declared value increases. These companies will fully refund the cost of shipping if they fail to meet their 'guarantee' and do so without fuss--after all, they have detailed tracking information regarding items.

    Again, I would be willing to bet that XP Medical will do everything in their power to make things right, knowing how customer service with the company has been before. I understand they did not send you the confirmation and it was annoying, but your shipment had gone out only one business day after receipt--not bad. Gary is one who would not want to lose your business and with the time delay, I would be willing to bet he'll do what he can to make it right for you, give him a chance.

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    You're probably right, and I am probably making a bigger deal out of this than it is. I like to know that when someone says something that it will happen, namely something such as "It will happen on this day or between these days." I'm just a bit bummed that I placed an order over a week ago and it's not here yet. :/

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    I would still see if you can get in touch with Gary and ask if there is anything they can do on their end to help expedite the process of getting your stuff.

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    I have had nothing but positive experiences with XP medical and I have been ordering from them for a while. the only issues I have ever had was indeed the fault of the postal carrier damaging or losing my stuff and even when that occurred Gary (owner of XP i believe) sent out a replacement very quickly and was always fast to respond to emails. because of this wonderful above and beyond service as well as always being discrete shipping I continue to buy from them even when I find a better deal to save a couple bucks.

    TLDR: XP is great and its probably the post carriers fault.

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    I have to agree with all the others, all my experiences have been great with XP Medical. With some other companies I've had problems but it was the carriers fault. I don't think that we should be the ones paying for insurance when its someone else handling our stuff. They should be the ones insuring that people get their stuff without losing it, or damaging it. I hate that these carriers say that they aren't responsible for any damaged or lost goods.

    Also note that the US Postal Service is in the process of bankruptcy and is shutting down hundreds if not thousands of facilities. They need to update there shipping estimates now because they are well off.

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    My experience with XP has always been great especially the customer service. Maybe a phone call to Gary will help your situation.

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    I also have had great experiences with them. Quality products, friendly service, very reliable...

    Now, I will say that the order did seem to take a while to get to me. Luckily, I wasn't in a real hurry since I was stocking up ahead of time. I wouldn't say it was late, but it did show up at the very upper end of the estimated arrival date.

    I would keep the faith. It will show up and if it doesn't after much longer, I would contact them and I'm sure they will set it right. ^^

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    Honestly, XP is always a little slow in the 'initial ship' for me... but I'm also impatient. I thought since I got an order in last Friday.... it might ship before the weekend. It shipped Tuesday.

    I guess it still has to process, get picked out from the warehouse, fitted with shipping tags, then taken to a facility for shipping (or have someone pick up shipments). All that is just guesswork, I'm not sure how it works from the business standpoint. I feel like the same thing has happened when I ordered from Bambino, so I don't think it's just XP or anything.

    Even with the shipping not being as fast as I would want... the customer service, price, ease of ordering, speed of reply to emails and consistency for sending the right things/replacing wrong orders- those are all great, IMO. I will never stray from XP. I always tell myself 'they're just diapers, you can wait...' That said, I know that I need to allow them a week to ship to me (I'm across the country from their ship point).

    But like I said, I'm impatient... and have been counting down the day till arrival since I received the tracking info

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    I would probably think it's the postal service. I bought two similar sized packages, one shipping from Korea, and then one bought from the US a day later.

    The Korean package arrived 3 days earlier. From a different continent.

    Considering the USPS has announced a lot of downsizing to remain solvent, it's not surprising their service takes longer.

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