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Thread: Wettings and Abena M2

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    Unhappy Wettings and Abena M2

    Last weekend I decided to wear Abena M2 24/24. I like the M2 because they are so thin, you can wear them under a pair of jeans and forget you're wearing.

    I usually have to pee a few times per day, but each time a "relatively" large quantity. And this is where the troubles begin. Even if I did it slowly, by small amounts over a couple of minutes, the M2 can not take everything. The whole SAP gets wet, up to the back of the diaper. The feeling of "being wet" is incredible, sure, but then one false move, and it leaks.

    So as far as I can tell, the M2 can not take one of my wettings
    Next time I'll have to try the M3.

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    Abena M2s (Supers) are my daytime diaper of choice. I wear then daily to work as they are fairly discrete. I usually change twice a day. Once mid-morning after all that coffee has gone through me and then again at lunch. If I am having a really wet day I might have to change before the drive home. The M2 is without doubt an absorbent diaper but like all disposables they cannot handle flooding (emptying a full bladder into them). As I am basically unpotty trained I wet every 30-60 minutes in small amounts allowing these diapers to last 3-4 hours between changes.

    My suggestion is to try and wet in smaller amounts. Don't hold it and then flood your diapers as even the thickest of diapers have trouble handling this.

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    The M2 has a maximum capacity of 2600ml, but to get anywhere near this you would need to be fully bladder IC, wearing loose clothing, & not sitting on it...
    A simple experiment here; once you have worn it to leaking point, lay it out, & gradually dribble cups of water on to it, try 1/8 of a cup (or less) every 5 minutes, then you will see just how much more it can actually take above what you gave it!

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    definitely go with the M3 they offer a bit more absorbency and are still easy to hide under a pair of jeans or loose pants although you are more aware that you are wearing. if you still need more absorbency try the abrilet normal boosters they add a bit more absorbency and don't bulk up the diaper too much more.
    if you are worried about leaks try a pair of lined plastic pants, they reduce the chance of leaks, noise and smell.

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