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Thread: How do you go about getting art of your fursona?

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    Default How do you go about getting art of your fursona?

    So I'm basically wondering how you get art of your fursona (you as in the reader)

    Did you draw it?
    Make it?
    Commission it?
    Get someone to do it for free?

    I'm really just getting into the whole Furry thing now, though I have been a lurker for a long time. I'm kind of wondering because I'd like to know your story of getting your artwork and if you want to throw in some tips for me getting my own that would be great as well.

    PS. I suck at drawing!

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    ... or check deveint art as long as the person is ok with you useing it or nobody on here uses it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddybear206 View Post
    ... or check deveint art as long as the person is ok with you useing it or nobody on here uses it.
    No. Quite simply no. Using someone elses drawing as a fursona is missing the point of it all together. My suggestion would be to fully flesh out a character idea, coloring, and markings on your own. This can be done with the help of somebody elses drawings, just get get an idea of what they would look like, but to use someone elses drawings, even if you recolored them, is in bad taste.

    Write out exatcly what you would want in a character. Which animals do you feel represent your personality, which animals do you like? What colorings do you like, natural or fantasy? Hright/weight....bodytypes, even preferred clothing style and jewelry.

    Starting artists will sometimes draw anything just to get practice with different characters. If you see people are open for requests, ask them if they can draw your character using the document mentioned above. If they finish and you dont care for it, you can still use that for a future artists refrence, and just tell them the feature you do not like.

    Once you have a character that you feel confident about, then think about commisioning a full character sheet, highlighting all the features and colorings of your character.

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    No, don't steal art. I would commission it if I were you. Kalida is a great diaperfur artist. Tavi-Munk, who is on here, draws too, and his prices are really fair.

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    so now its stealing to get something off

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddybear206 View Post
    so now its stealing to get something off
    Yes, because whoever has drawn and/or bought the art owns it, so unless you have their permission it is stealing.

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    hhmmm well maybe if u read i specificly mentioned getting permisson, maybe you need to read ,not trying to be rude but read!

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    I've drawn my own, and commissioned plenty more. Also, if you're looking for a diaperfur artist, I am open for commissions since I'm just getting started, my prices are quite agreeable, I hope.

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    I made a really descriptive few paragraphs expalining what my fursona looked like then I commissioned an artist to make a REF from it. Make sure to include things like colour codes if you do this.

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    commissions are usually the best bet for high quality art. You can make your own and you will improve over time it just takes hours and hours and hours...*continues on for like an hour*
    anywho, some new artists (and very few old hands) take requests or do freebies where you can get them to draw your character for free. Make sure to look at examples of an artists work if they are new cuz you will most likely be getting lower quality work than established reputable artists.

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