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Thread: Hallo, I'm new.

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    Default Hallo, I'm new.

    Hallo, I'm skunk053. I would've chose a better name but super skunk, silly skunk, et cetera were already taken. Aside from that, I have a good personality, I'm usually pretty optimistic about life and things of the sort. I'm currently in a college trying to achieve my goal of becoming a Network Administrator.

    As for what brought me here was because I am a df.

    My interests include playing mainly stringed instruments. A few very close favorites are the Classical Guitar, Western Guitar and Baroque Lute (although I've never had the fortune to even see one in real life). I like computers and networking, I love modding Android devices. I enjoy playing pseudo sports like: darts, air hockey, and billiards. A real sport I enjoy is Tennis. Of course there are many other things I have as interests but I rather not make this boring.

    As for what I look for out of this site is a sense of belonging and maybe even a friend here or there. And maybe a little support from time to time. I would like to belong here. Sorry If this was too short.

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    Hello how are you?
    Welcome to Adisc even through I have been lurking for awhile and have to majority I can still say hi...Hi

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    Good I guess I just made the courage to verfie my account and waiting for my friend to get on he refered me here.

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    That's good, it definately took me some courage to join here. Just a quick question though. How does an account get verified?

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    Oops Vanqua you did it again I meant my E-mail sorry Heres a tip I'm an idiot

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    We can seriosly argue about me being an idiot...
    But lets not so Happy Valintine's day

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