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Thread: Anyone into public diaper exposure/messing/embarrasment? I share my thoughts and ask for yours.

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    Default Anyone into public diaper exposure/messing/embarrasment? I share my thoughts and ask for yours.

    Just wondering if any of you fine guys/girls enjoy the feeling of public exposure or wearing of Diapers?

    If so then do you ever purposely expose your diaper to another person (or perhaps soil it in public) eg. bend over to pick something up and the diaper is momentarily exposed or maybe asking a clerk what size diaper would be good for you etc.

    I'm starting to get into the whole Public Humiliation/Exposure thing and was wondering of the experiences of others.

    Anyway I'll get the ball rolling:

    This is my first moment when I was fairly certain someone knew I was in diapers (and I mean proper thick tape-on diapers, not pull-ups). Well I walked into the store to stock-up since I had run out a little while ago (apart from the one I was wearing) and heading to the incontinence isle in the chemist I was frustrated to find someone re-doing the entire display of the diapers. Well I hung around the area for a while, diapered and really itching to get home and back to privacy since I kind of maybe sort of had just given myself the castor oil treatment. Well anyway, walking around the different shelves for a while I ended up wetting myself a few times and still the person hadn't moved. I was really really starting to have trouble with the Castor Oil so I resolved to swallow my pride and go up to the Incontinence shelf and begin browsing for what I wanted. The clerk had asked me twice already whether I needed a hand since I would walk past every now and again but I always responded with a polite, "No thank you,". Well I was fed up and after jumping from foot to foot right next to the clerk I finally spied a package, nearly tripped over as I backpedalled with my prize (much to the amused look of the clerk) and went to the checkout.

    There was a line at each one. SO here I am holding a pack of very obvious adult diapers hopping from foot to foot trying to fend off the effects of the Castor Oil all the while thickly diapered. Finally a clerk opened up, I pretty much slammed the package in her face and after a brief annoying conversation about the weather (why must they make friendly conversation) I was out the door and on my way back to the car.

    About halfway back to the car however, I lost the fight. Filling my already wet diaper and pretty much expanding my butt by about 3 inches, the castor oil had its desired effect.

    Needless to say it was a very pleasurable ride home after trying to hold it in that long and to be perfectly honest when I look back, I was loving every second of it.

    Any other stories you want to share or tips in diaper exposure you'd like to give? All responses appreciated.

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    Good luck but remember to be respectful. People dont want to smell a dirty diaper or overly exposed diaper. In the exact same way your wouldnt want to see a dildo and here about someones rough anal sex.

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    Hi Okamiyasha and welcome to ADISC! A lot of people here like humiliation, but within certain boundaries. Exhibitionism is generally frowned upon for reasons I will elaborate on below.

    Exhibitionism is ethically problematic because you're involving other unwilling, non-consenting individuals in your fetish. First of all, it's common courtesy not to expose your underwear in public, regardless of whether it's disposable or not. People don't want know *that* much about you, and it's rude to deliberately expose people to it. Second, messing in public on purpose is definitely not ok. Consider what would have happened if you had lost control in the store. Think about how supremely unpleasant it would be for everyone in the store, not least of all the clerks and cashiers who have no option but to stay there in the midst of the stink. It's one thing if you're IC and can't control it, but deliberately taking a laxative before going out with hopes of publicly soiling yourself crosses a line that should not be crossed.

    If I may suggest an alternative: try finding someone you can role play with, someone who will consent to be involved in that sort of thing. Then you can act out all the humiliating scenes you want without pushing your fetish in the faces of unwilling participants. Or, what about just going out and buying diapers and allowing people to see you? Isn't that embarrassing enough? Letting people see that you're buying diapers a bit less intrusive than letting people see that you're wearing diapers.

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    Hello. Thanks for the replies. I didn't actually mean to get that close when I went out in public, usually it takes a lot longer to work on me. I only really wanted to stock up and go home, then experience it. That was just my first experience of ever being in a situation similar to that, and I did not mean to say that everybody should do it or that it's the right thing to do. Looking back I am aware that it would have been unpleasent for all those concerned but just felt like sharing.

    Thanks for the welcome!

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    I've never worn a messy diaper in public (I rarely wear a messy diaper at all for that matter), but I've either worn a wet diaper, or actually wet in public, a couple times.

    Once I had on a Depends while I was shopping and had to pee while I was in the store, so I just stopped what I was doing and let it go as slowly as I could. I didn't have to go too much, so it was still as easy to hide as it was before I wet it.

    The other time, I hung out with an AB friend of mine who used to live in Omaha, and that involved a couple of incidents where I could've been caught. Since I didn't have any diapers to bring with me to Omaha, he brought some with him to give me, and since he was wearing one, I asked him if he'd be willing to change me into one while we were out driving around. I was hoping we could drive to his place and he could change me and hang out with me there, but his parents were home and he didn't want to have to go through the hassle of explaining who I was, how we met, etc. so he told me that since it was dark, he knew a place where he could pull over and change me. It wasn't a particularly secluded area, and several cars passed close by, but none of them stopped to see what was going on. We drove to a parking lot after that, and spent several hours just talking about whatever was on our minds, and in the course of that time, I wet my diaper enough that it probably would've leaked if I wet it anymore. We finished BSing and said our goodbyes for the night, I got in my car, and realized that I didn't have enough gas to make it out of Omaha, so I had to stop and get gas in a soaking wet diaper. I didn't have a credit card at the time, so I had to waddle into the gas station and pay cash. I'm not sure if the cashier knew I was diapered (and completely soaked) or it's just how she was, but I noticed that she had a smile on her face the whole time I was in there, and it seemed as though she was looking toward my waist a lot.

    I'm definitely not a fan of humiliation, but I think there's a very slight amount of exhibitionist in me. There's a part of me that wants to keep it totally hidden, and another part that figures that as long as it's noticed by somebody who doesn't know me and won't say anything to me personally about it, it doesn't matter if they know or not.

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    I'll be blunt here...
    It's YOUR fetish, DON'T force it down other peoples necks!
    This sort of "fun" is exactly what gets the AB/DL community a bad reputation.

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    people who do this type of thing and get seen normally give us a bad name and thats why we don't really like to do it... I went to school with someone who was IC and it was known he was. His teasing was relentless. I shared a bus with the kid and one day on the bus. He.. Messed as people call it. It stunk up the bus for the while 45 minute ride and was hell... This was when I was 12 and didn't know I was a TB just those slight desires here and there. But I never teased him. I did have to suffer that bus ride though. Think about other people before you do something like this. Now its one thing cause he couldn't help it. but if someone who can help it did it... Then thats not right. At all. So please think about other people.

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    I'm not even into wearing out of the house. It's not so much that I care what others would think. It's more A) I would feel far too anxious to enjoy it and B) I worry more about putting others who might see in an uncomfortable spot. At home, I can be me and relax; that's enough in my book.

    Again, this is just one person's opinion. ^^

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    I agree with pretty much everything that's been said so far. I may have wrongly worded my first post and for that I apologise, I kind of just assumed that that was what most people on here would appreciate. Stupid me just trying to fit in!

    The story was true however but I'd still like to clear some things up:
    1. I didn't purposely decide to go out in public after taking Castor Oil, it was more of a bad decision on my part. I took it and then put on a diaper while noticing it was my last one, so I decided to go get some and it was only meant to be a quick in and out sort of thing.
    2. To be perfectly honest I get hugely embarrased just buying say Goodnites even though I'm not in the intended age group on the packet. I always think that someone will figure me out.
    3. And lastly I apologise if I offended anyone with my post. It (like my decision to go to the Chemist) was not well thought out or very logical :/

    I'm more in the Diaperfur side of things to be honest, but I still hope we may continue to communicate and live alongside each other as I'm sure you normally would do.
    (That last line made me look quite political and informed... I like it )


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    Ah....that's okay. I've worn out a few times and it's always a rush. I do it in the winter when I can wear a coat which will cover the bulge. Still, I know I'm diapered and it's fun. I've even worn a wet diaper out on the bike trail under my baggy shorts. They're black so they don't show what's underneath them. The air rushing through feels good, and there's that whole feeling of getting away with something.

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