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Thread: Hello! Just a lil' about meh!

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    Default Hello! Just a lil' about meh!

    Hello! I'm Kilion, or Kil for short. It is what i call my nickname, online and irl. Well, anyways lets cut to the chase shall we? I was at first interested around the age 6, lost interest until i regained it back around 12 and i loved them ever since. However, alot of stuff happened to me over the years, some good mostly bad, which made me become a tb/ab, and now im starting to become a babyfur. My fursona is a 4 year old wolf pup with dark gray hair and a white stripe going from the head to the tip of the tail. Small description...but I'll go into more detail on my profile.

    Anyways, more about me. I am still in high school, although this is my senior year, and I will be legal age next May! wewt lol, anyways, I like anything random or hardcore stuff. I am interested in any time of metal or techno music, and I like racquetball which is a hardcore sport in my eyes. So, yea if you would like to find out more about me, just talk to me sometime, and I might just tell ya :P

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    Welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy it here.

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    Welcome. I to am into techno (well I'm just getting into it..) and I'm in High school as well (I really need to go back sometime, my teachers miss me..) anyways welcome!

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    Ah, a techno freak huh? I used to love techno.. bit more of a Funky and Electro-house man myself now. Still listen to the odd bit of metal.

    But anyways, welcome to the forums Kil. You seem like a right upbeat bouncy totally random kinda guy, would I be right with that? *reads profile simultaneously* God, I'm too good at this

    I'll certainly drop you a line at some point. But time's not on my side right now so don't quote me on that!

    Well, happy hunti- err.. posting... yeah, that one.


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