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    Well this is my introduction, hope I do it right and don't make anyone angry with me. I am a student of physcology currently, studying to be a child physcologist. I have a few years left still but I am very into my field of study. I also work at Taco Bell to pay the bills, plus they work with me around my classes. I mainly came to this site becuase I enjoy AB literature and am a fan of writing it myself. I also really like people of our community coming together and getting to know each other, there is strength in numbers. Outside of the AB lifestlye I also enjoy writing, both secular and fetish related works of art. I am also a professional driver, I race on dirt and paved tracks from time to time, just recently started entering Formula D competitions with my new/old '98 Dodge Neon. If you want to know more about that just ask me, cause I could go on all night and day about my car and how I love to make it go sideways LOL. I am also a musician, I play electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums. I also make rap beats with my Dr. Dre 'Beats Audio' laptop. I guess what I am looking for from this site is a place to post my writing, have it read, and make changes and improvements wherever I can in my writing. You can only grow by knowing what holds you back. I also want to get to know some other authors of this genre, maybe swap story ideas, or even colaborate on a story together. I guess this is it for my introduction, of course if you want to know more send me a message, and keep an eye out for my work, I hope not to disappoint.

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    This is a really awesome thorough introduction! Welcome to ADISC. I think you'll like it here. I'm new too and so far everyone's very friendly and supportive.

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    hello Babyfox! great intro! you'll love it here, plenty to talk about!
    i like the fact that you drive cars a lot! i can talk about cars all day! i mainly race for fun in my cars. i drive on the Nurburgring in germany. circuit Zolder in belgium and SPA Francorchamps in belgium! just curious.... are you into european cars a bit? (i only like german cars tho) they can differ al lot from US cars...
    i drive a 93' Opel Vectra CDX-E sportsback with a Supercharged 3.0 V6 24Valve(about 185 cubic inch) which has four wheel drive and a automatic transmission(which is rare here). it has somewhere around 310 BHP.
    its my 'autobahncruiser' and trackday car, hihi!
    and my daily drive is a 98' Opel Astra Station, with a 2 liter 16 valve with 170 BHP and manual tranny, nothing special about that one!

    are you somewhat into engine modification??

    well, have fun here on ADISC! drive safe!

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    Hi Babyfox Welcome to ADISC I am new myself as you can see by my blue name tag, Just wanted you to know you are accepted and respected here just as you are . I have found everyone to be very supporive and friendly. Child Physcologist hey?? Good for you and good luck with all your studies you have left. Im sure you will be very good at it! again Welcome to ADISC.

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    You'd think someone "really" into their field of study would be able to at least spell the name of their field properly. As a psychology student myself, I find it difficult to believe that at 23, after years of study, you still misspell psychology (and if it were a simple typo, it probably wouldn't have happened twice in a row).

    You also don't seem to write at the level of a university educated individual, either. Your intro is poorly formatted and shows very little sign of education beyond what is required for a high school degree.

    While not impossible, I find it hard to believe this is entirely true, particularly the "physcology"[sic] part.

    If I'm wrong, welcome to ADISC, and you should really pay closer attention in your classes. I doubt you'll get a lot of business as a "child physcologist".

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    Hi babyfoxtyty I wish you all the best and welcome you. I am recent here myself and really enjoy the forums and chat here. By far the best I have visited so far. Enjoy and love the intro

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    Hi Babyfoxtyty

    Wow, very nice talents including, writing, music, and car racing!

    Very nice introduction post. Welcome to the team!

    So far, what do you like best about ADISC? (Just curious!)


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