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Thread: Does wearing one all day make you smell??

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    Default Does wearing one all day make you smell??

    Im new to ADISC and new to wearing diapers I was reading a lot of threads and see that many people wear a diaper all day.. Does it smell from the urine and how do you keep the smell down?

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    Welcome to ADSIC my friend!

    If you wear the same diaper all day you can start to smell like pee, but I wouldn't recommend doing that any way. You will get skin ailments from the stale urine and the diaper itself will begin to fail and leak. Change your diapers after the second pee and that'll be the first way to keep that from happening.

    Also, plastic pants are good for many reasons. They will add another barrier against leaks and more importantly in your case, odors. And finally, if you drink lots of water and keep well hydrated, your urine will be nice and diluted, eliminating the urine odor.

    These are only a few ways, but they all work for me. This same method will keep your bed, pants, clothes, and furniture from smelling like piddle as well.

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    Hello and welcome. Plastic pants help keep smell down alot for either messing or wetting. But generally I have found that one day will not make you smell as well as you do the general cleaning with baby wipes and such

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    Yes, if you wear a diaper all day it will begin to smell unpleasant. Moreover, if you do this often (especially if you are a frequent wearer) you WILL begin to develop rashes, UTIs, and other related ailments. However, if you do not wear very often such ailments are limited largely by the extent of how well you clean yourself up after you stop wearing.

    To be more concise: If you wear one diaper (with usage) for an extended period of time, clean yourself up well afterwards (take a shower). Also if you can, you may want to delay dressing yourself to make sure everything dries out properly after cleanup. Doing so prevents 'crotch rot' (no you don't literally rot, you just smell awful).

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    When i wear all day i keep deoderent and baby powder in my bag just to keep fresh. Top up with powder in the diaper to keep tye urine smell down and freshen up with deoderent if youd prefer not to smell of pure babypowder ^^

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    Thanks friends, such great information and advice. I will try all your sugestions and see what works best.

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    Wearing a booster pad that you can pull out earlier in the day and change may also help. Plastic pants for me also cuts down on the smell.

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    I would advice not to wear more than 8 hours the same diaper, 8 hours being the maximum without any smell and hygienic problem.

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