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Thread: Thinking of making my first doubler tonight...

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    Default Thinking of making my first doubler tonight...

    I've read about doubling my diapers but never done it before.. I only have Abena M4's... do I just make a slit in the first diaper then wear the 2nd one over it?

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    What I do, is put the first nappy on as normal. Then I get a pair of nail scissors and hold one of the blades about 2mm from the end, so I can stab the nappy I'm wearing without the blade going through the padding. So, I stab a few hundred tiny holes with the end of the scissors throughout almost all of the nappy (I leave a small border at the left and right). Then you can put the 2nd nappy on over the top.

    I've found that making any kind of large hole or slit either weakens the nappy causing it to feel really loose and weird, or it causes the padding to fall out when you take it off, making a bit of a mess...

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    It's still on after 3hrs.. not tested yet.. will give updates.

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    Still wearing it now.. after first wetting feels full, but willing to head to bed with it still.

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    What I prefer to do is get a pin and make lots and lots and lots of tiny holes in plastic of the inner nappy. I then put that nappy on and put a nappy without the holes over the top of that one.

    Only put the holes down the centre of the nappy and dont wonder too much towards the edges. Only come an inch/2.5cm from the edges.

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    I think everyone is going to suggest a slightly different way of doing this. I use the blade of one side of a pair of scissors and make lots of small slits, probably about 1 inch each, lengthwise across the outer surface of the inner diaper. I make about a dozen total slits. I do this BEFORE putting it on.

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    I tried the larger slits.. still overflowed the doubler once I took it off. Alcohol was an issue Sunday night ((( tempted to try the smaller slits via Happydl

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    For me "internal" stuffing/doubling is much much better than cutting slits or poking holes. No trouble with leak guards or sap going everywhere. Also known as the Pamperchu method

    You cut away all excess plastic from the stuffer diaper. Gently open a hole in the back of the outer diaper by tugging the outer plastic and inner lining. You then insert the stuffer inside the other one.

    If this is confusing, I could try and post some pictures later tonight.

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    Default Diaper Slits

    What is the best way to cut slits in a baby diaper to use as a booster pad? Often I use a pointed scissor. Someone told me a razor was a good method but if the slit is too long all the beads come out.

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    Well, I think any 'slit' is going to be large enough for SAP to spill out. Even a hole the diameter of a pencil will be large enough for some SAP to spill out. If you are double diapering, then I don't really see much to worry about. The 2nd diaper should contain the SAP mess. I've heard of people going to fabric stores and getting a type of pattern tracing wheel. It is similar to a pizza cutter, but instead of a smooth circular blade, it has lots of little needle-like points all the way around the wheel. I've heard that those little needle-like points work very well in poking lots of tiny holes so as to allow liquid to pass through without the SAP spilling everywhere. Just run the tracing wheel up and down the outer plastic backing and it should poke lots and lots of those little holes. I've never bought one of those tracing wheels, so I have no idea how well that would work. But it is something to look into.

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    What a great idea to use a tracing wheel. I looked at home depot for a cutting wheel and the just have the razor box cutter type. This tracing wheel may be available at a sewing center. I will look for it. There must be more creative ways to slice and split holes in a diaper liner insert.

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