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Thread: Hi from a secret DL

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    Default Hi from a secret DL

    I am a secret diaper lover, i only found out about this not long ago but cannot wait to wear diapers again.

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    Hi tempa. Welcone, im new also so its nice too meet people in the same boat. What brought you to become a DL?

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    I dont no what brought me really. i have always been interested in diapers as i grew up in large family as the eldest. i stumbled across a few websites and have become hooked. how did you?

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    Im not too sure really, sane as you. I came across the websites and now its all i think about you know :/

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    Hi Tampa! Welcome to ADISC! Why don't you tell us more about yourself - how about your interest in any movies, music, video games, or TV shows? We don't bite, I promise. ;D

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    Hi Tampa!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Just curious, do you like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

    Have fun checking out the whole site, and making lots of freinds from all over this big blue planet of fun!

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    Well im mad about Cars and Racing. If something moves i want to make it go faster. I have just started to learn to draw art digitally, I cannot for the life of me draw by hand. And wwetbed I wouldnt say that im a fan I dont really follow football. Im from the UK but visit the US ocasionally, tampa is my favorite place in florida so thats why its my username.
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