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Thread: I'm back (kinda, sorta)

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    Default I'm back (kinda, sorta)

    It's been about six months since I decided to get rid of the computer and the Internet access that I had in my apartment, and I must say that life for me has been a lot less dramatic since I made that decision.

    But I decided that I will start visiting ADISC again from library computers, seeing as I do appreciate most of the people here. This is pretty much the only Internet forum I have any real interest in continuing to participate on.

    So, here I am, back, kinda. Glad to be here again.

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    Hey Kaworu, welcomed back. Happy to hear things are looking up for you

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    Welcome back! It's pretty crazy how not having internet access at home actually makes things so much simpler, isn't it? I did it for about a year when I first got my own place, since I couldn't afford it. I found myself going out a lot more and engaging with the world more. It was really rather nice, after the initial period.

    Glad to hear things are going a bit better!

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    welcome back even though i have no idea who you are :p

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    Welcome back. I'm sure it has taken a lot of will power to free yourself of the net. My addiction for the most part is this site. There are a couple others I frequent, but I'm not involved with them. Other than that is Comcast for surface news and e-mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crel View Post
    Yay welcom bak i no knu u but! welcom bak
    Can somebody translate this into English? :P

    Anyways, welcome back! ^_^

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    Welcome back KaworuVsDrWily!

    More and more people are ditching their computers and just using wifi ipods, ipads, iphones, droids and so on. It seems the hard-wire telephone and internet services are dying (at least for the American consumers at least). Who cares if you dont have a computer or internet! That's why we have free hotspots (even at Mc Donalds now!)

    Just curious, what did you miss most being away from the ADISC community for six months?


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