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    I'm Ben and I'm a very shy person at first but pretty outgoing when you get to know me. I love wearing diapers and I am a teen baby. Unfortunately I have to baby myself. My mom knows I wear diapers but she doesnt care for it so i dont talk to her about it and my dad doesnt know nor will he ever. Besides the diapered aspect of my life I am both and outdoor and indoor person. I have a dirtbike, street bike, and a jeep that seems to have something else break every day, but I love working on cars and other engines even though i suck with cars I also love cinematography and post production (camera work and editing). I plan to go to colorado film school in denver. I joined this site for two reasons. One is for support and people who accept my love of diapers (or being babied) and reason two is because I really want to meet someone in real life who also likes to wear diapers and/or being babied. I know this isnt a dating site but i would like a friend to hang with. I would like to be babied but i would never push that on anyone i meet

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC. Just wanted to tell you that I thought it was a wonderful introduction you've got there!

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    Hi Foxracer!

    Welcome to ADISC and thanks for visiting my page today also!

    Thats kool you have a dirtbike, thats a real bicycle or a motorcycle dirtbike? I always wanted a motorcycle trail bike!

    I have a few *BDL friends (here in ADISC) who are involved with film production.

    Welcome to the team, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your postings and chats!
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    it's a motorcycle

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    I'm so happy to finally meet people who support my interests

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    i wonder what it would be like to get padded up (stealth) and then ride a dirt bike?

    I bet some people here have tried it! (It saves on having to stop for potty breaks, but I'd really only feel comfortable peeing in them!)

    Have fun checking out the whole site!

    - Will

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