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    Hello all,

    Is there any way to order online without the purchase showing up, itemized as diapers, on a credit card slip? My father is the family accountant and I don't fancy explaining to him why I've bought Abena M4s.

    I'm sick of the store bought stuff that can barely take a good wetting and want to try some premiums.


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    I can't speak of the US, but most AB stores here in the UK tend to show up fairly anonymously (like "X trading Ltd.". Nursing supply companies is a different story though... Also I've seen people use pre-pay cards for ordering, maybe that's an option? I've not used them myself, and I think there's a premium, but at least it'd just look like you've taken some cash out.

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    If you're 21, why are you still using daddy's credit card? Just get your own with no annual fee. Your bank usually gives you a Visa or MasterCard with your checking account. You have your own bank account, right? If you're 21 and in college, you should have all these things for both your independence and to build your credit score.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynABDL View Post
    If you're 21, why are you still using daddy's credit card?
    He's not. He said his dad does his accounting just like he does for the rest of the family, probably because he is an accountant or in some way more familliar with how that stuff works. To do that, he'd need the credit card bills to see if there's anything that can be written off for taxes.

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