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Thread: What is the softest and most comfortable diaper you've worn?

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    Default What is the softest and most comfortable diaper you've worn?

    I just want to hear everyone's opinion on what diaper they think is the most comfortable and the softest.

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    The Abena M4s are very soft and extemely well-fitting... Tena Slips are soft and fluffy too... And the Attends Special Care 10s...

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    I'd have to say that the Bambino Bellissimo is by far the softest and most comfortable diaper I've ever worn. I recently went on a trip and decided to wear a Dry 24/7 on the plane, the whole time I was wishing it'd been a Bellissimo instead. I just wish they would fix those faulty tapes.

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    Five or six years ago I tried a solid Blue European Briefs it was amazing, disposable and blue, very thick but not a very strong plastic. I wish I remembered the name
    it was super soft but blue and very thick.

    Well made attends with the waist bands and 6 tapes not the defective ones are great when they fit right !!! Its a tuff question I wish I could answer it. I have tried a lot. Bambino's are great! But there are so many kinds!!

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    The old school Abena X-Plus were my favorites. The new Abenas are good, but I don't like how the M4 clumps. Definitely NOT bambinos, the tapes suck and so does the customer support.

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    I got to say it was Molicare Super Plus for me as the most comfortable.

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    I haven't had tried many different diaper brands, but from the ones I have, Bambino teddies were the best ones softness wise, I got them from a friend who passed by my city as part of his vacation trip :3

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