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Thread: Ever pee and then realize you didn't have a diaper on?

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    Default Ever pee and then realize you didn't have a diaper on?

    When you are used to wearing diapers much of the time, you kind of forget you have them on. Sometimes I forget whether I have one on or not and have surprised myself with a wet spot a few times! Anyone else?

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    Yeah - I soaked myself without even noticing the other day. First time it's happened, and I was miles away concentrating on something else. Hopefully it won't happen again!

    I mentioned it in this thread:

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    Yes it can happen anytime and any place for me. Nothing like always being prepared.

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    I did that last night actually -.-; I'd been padded most of the week because my parents were out working and then I just forgot while gaming a little ^^;

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    Once. But fortunately, I stopped before went too far to soak my undies and pants. I have to wear thin pads 24/7 due to my leaking problem, so pads stop it but it was FULL of urine and if I went any more, it will overflow. Whew!

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