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Thread: Getting it out of my system: 24/7 trial run. Thoughts?

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    Default Getting it out of my system: 24/7 trial run. Thoughts?

    Okay so this isn't just some ill thought out "I wanna wear 24/7! and have no idea of the repercussions!" thing that I am sure you all have seen more than once before.

    Here's the deal. I've been a *B/DL and babyfur for coming up on 7 years now. For about 5 of those years becoming incontinent has been a common fantasy, and sometimes obsession for me. Usually it's just something I will masturbate to once or twice and be done with it. Every few months though it will become an obsession, and up until recently the cure was just to wear padding for a day or two and that was it. Things have changed, I'm not sure why, in the last two months I've been near obsessed about wearing 24/7 and becoming bladder incontinent, I can't shake it. I know the repercussions: diapers can be expensive, it can be embarrassing, the possible negative effects on my work and social life, rashes, smells and everything else. I've thought it through a lot over the years.

    So I think I may have a solution. I think I may need to do a so called "dry" run, pun intended, and wear 24/7 for a week or maybe more. My thoughts are this, the trial run will either be absolutely horrible or intolerable and I will temporarily be over my obsession, hopefully permanently. Or I will discover that I can deal with it and be happy with wearing 24/7 and it will no longer be an obsession.

    I'm more so doing this out of desperation because even though I know my fantasy is nothing like what the reality will be like, it preoccupies the majority of my thoughts and I need a solution.

    So here I am asking for all of your thoughts and opinions, tips and tricks for being a 24/7 diaper wearer, and any comments. All input is appreciated and will help me make my decision.

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    What you do at your own home is your own business.

    But when you are at work or school, having a social life and so on, you should be concient of the people around you.
    So when you used your diaper, don't walk around in it for the rest of the day.
    Get cleaned up, just out of respect for the others.

    I know accidents can happen. I had one last week in the supermarket.
    But as soon as possible I got rid of the wet diaper, nobody noticed.

    When going 24/7, your skin will suffer, so try to use the best skin care products otherwise it won't be fun at all.

    Good luck with your 24/7.

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    I wouldn't say that I've fantasised about becoming incontinent, but I have had a few periods in my life where the desire to wear nappies has... got a bit intense. I'm having a pretty stressful time in my life at the moment, which has coincided with free time and an empty house, so like you, I thought I'd try wearing a lot to see if I could "get it out my system" and concentrate on other things...

    I don't quite wear 24/7 -- it's probably 20hrs out of 24 most days, with a "day off" every 3 or 4 days... although I almost always wear to bed... I'm happy to be in nappies when I'm out in public, but not around friends, family or anyone I deal with professionally (doctors, dentists, etc. -- I don't have a job at the moment so that isn't an issue).

    So has it worked...? Yes and no... It's not what I was expecting and it's really hard to explain how things have changed (but I'll try)...

    When I started wearing many years ago, I'd be quite aroused whenever I put a nappy on, which felt a bit weird and uncomfortable as I just like to feel childish and innocent 99% of the time. After wearing most of the time for the last five months, I don't really feel aroused at all in the same way (or at least the arousal is a psychological "this feels nice" kind of thing, rather than a physical/sexual kick).

    Also, a lot of the time now, I almost forget that I'm in a nappy. It's like nappies have less "power" than they used to. Instead of it being a constantly intense feeling of excitement, I feel calmer and soothed, and less obsessed or aroused by the idea of wearing them...

    It's started to feel completely normal to be in nappies. Whereas before I rarely left the house in one, and when I did I felt so self-conscious that I thought that everyone must know, now I can wear a thick Abena M4 and walk into town confident that no one can tell. I've worn to pubs, restaurants and shops. I've never tried changing out of the house, though.

    Every few days or once a week or so, I get to the point where I almost can't be bothered to put on another nappy. Using the loo seems so much less effort! I almost think, "I'm cured of being an AB/DL!"... (I'm not sure if I'd like that, mind!) but after a few hours I think... well... I'll just try wearing one more nappy... and for a brief moment it feels crazy to be an adult that is wearing for no good reason... and then a moment later it's just as good as it ever was!

    So has it been worth it? Yes -- I think so. I'm a lot calmer now. I think the strong desire to wear all the time was possibly an indication of how stressed/depressed I've been, and wearing nappies has certainly helped with that. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the desire to wear, I accept it more, and it feels like less of a problem (but maybe that's simply because I'm satisfying the obsession -- I don't know). I think I'm getting to the stage where I will cut down on wearing soon, just so I can be more productive with my time and socialise more.

    I haven't had any problems with rashes or anything, but I like to keep clean with a long bath every day, and a quick but thorough shower at (almost) every change. I also shave all body hair completely. Also, I never used baby powder before, but it really makes a difference and makes the nappy glide over your body more easily when walking around and prevents it from feeling clammy as soon as you put it on.

    Quote Originally Posted by CalebBunny View Post
    My thoughts are this, the trial run will either be absolutely horrible... Or I will discover that I can deal with it and be happy with wearing 24/7 and it will no longer be an obsession.

    I'm more so doing this out of desperation... it preoccupies the majority of my thoughts and I need a solution.
    It sounds like your reasons for wearing 24/7 are similar to the reasons I started wearing so much, and it certainly feels like it's helped -- I feel less obsessed and more comfortable about the whole thing. I feel like I'm in a "better place" psychologically... But, I probably have curtailed my social life quite a bit to give me privacy, which isn't good, and I don't know what a psychiatrist or psychology expert would say about giving in to an obsession -- maybe it could be helpful, maybe not.

    I'd tentatively suggest giving it a go. I wouldn't force yourself to wear 24/7, though -- if you would be uncomfortable around friends/colleagues, it is probably far less stressful to not wear in their presence, and far less depressing than staying at home on your own, just because it might be awkward to socialise whilst padded. I don't think it's cheating to go almost 24/7!

    Anyway, sorry for rambling on... I hope it helps a little...

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    Not a 24/4 but I once wore every night for a year to "get it out of my system" but found I love it even more and wear more than before. Silly thinking I'd ever tire of diapers.

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    I've also noticed a correlation between how stressed and/or depressed I am and my desire to wear.

    Thank you for your input tiny. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for and will definitely help me view the situation from a different perspective.

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    This is certainly an experiment worth trying. To gauge your reaction. A few years ago there was a page on the net run by someone called, if i remember rightly, Bittergrey. He tried exactly this experiment, and found that the increased inconvenience and hygiene issues - nappy rash in particular - turned him back into an occasional wearer.

    The only other question this raises in my mind has to do with the ultimate nature of your fantasies. You say that you fantasise about becoming incontinent, but do you also fantasise about finding a mum or dad to look after you? Does the fantasy, in other words, go further? If it does, you may find that this experiment takes you further in a direction that can ultimately become something of a black hole - too all-consuming.

    Go carefully and good luck!

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    CalebBunny, It'd a good idea to try wearing non stop for a week you will likely learn a lot from the experience even if you don't completely answer your original question.

    I had similar feelings to you and have spend the last week doing exactly that, wearing 24h a day and wetting whenever i felt the need to see what it was like and how the experience affected me.
    From last Sunday until today i have been wearing at all times, to lectures, lunch, shopping and generally around the flat. It has at times been difficult and there were two periods near the end of the week when i had a break of a few hours as i was going somewhere i really didn't want to be wearing diapers.

    Generally wearing when around others has been fine and no-one has noticed anything (or at least the haven't mentioned it!). I now find that i am quite comfortable when wearing around others and will often forget that i am wearing diapers.
    The most difficult thing however has been changing, especially when some of my friends have been working in my room making it almost impossible to change! You are also never able to completely forget that you are wearing and all the decisions that you make will take into account the diaper, possibly making you more reluctant to do things that you otherwise wouldn't be fussed by.
    There were also times when my diaper would be full and sometimes leaked when i was unable to change. As a result of this i would find myself holding it in until i was able to change to avoid leaking massively and it becoming obvious to my friends. I was also generally quite concerned about the smell as this is the thing that other people are most likely to notice and the one you can do least about.

    I have learned from this week that i am quite comfortable wearing 24/7 with the proviso that i don't NEED to wear 24/7. This i think is the crux of the issue and where you need to consider your options incredibly carefully if you really want to commit to incontinence.
    If i had been incontinent this week i wouldn't have been able to hold it in to prevent leaks and thus all my friends would know. I also wouldn't have been able to take the couple of breaks that i did which likely would have meant me opting out and missing the activities that i really wanted to do. I also picked the week so that i didn't have to sleep away from home as this would be almost impossible if i were padded and again i would be forced to not partake in an activity that i really enjoy.

    I think for me that wearing 24/7 this week was quite an achievement an i can now tick the mental box to say that i have done it and stop thinking about doing it. The week really highlighted to me just how inconvenient it is to be incontinent and really gave me a new respect for those who are. As such it showed me that, whilst the fantasy is a good one, its not something i want to commit to in my daily life as it will prevent me from doing so many things that i really enjoy!
    I have also come to the conclusion that for me, being able to chose when to wear for extended periods of time is what i really want and that i can if i want chose to wear 24/7 and enjoy it even more so when i do as its a bit special.

    I hope that helps you fathom out your situation a bit but would recommend that trying it for a week is the way forward. If you want to learn a lot from it you should really commit to it by wetting whenever and wherever even if you know you will leak or smell and wearing at all times regardless of what you are doing. This should give you an idea of what it will be like to be incontinent and you will perhaps come to the same conclusion as me that being able to chose when to wear is too valuable a choice to lose!

    Enjoy your week if you do it and i hope you are able to work out what you want! Sorry for the fairly epic post!!!

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    I think it was Fritz Perls who said that the only way to overcome an obsession was to get completely into it. (Well, it was the late 60's).

    I would not hesitate to encourage you to try, but I would not count on it eliminating your desire. Been there, done that, didn't work for me, either. (But please don't let me discourage you.) What did happen for me was that I came to understand that this was part of me, and not a part to despise, and that it _was_ inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable. And I came to understand both how to accomodate it in my (otherwise normal?) life and, of course, how to prevent diaper rash.

    All of this is worthwhile, even if it doesn't dispell your desire. I'm inclined to think that it works a lot better to own your obsessions than to make endless war with them.

    Best of luck, and may you find the outcome that works best for you.

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    i once wore for two weeks straight. the first week was super fun. by the end of the second week it got a bit tiresome. it didn't make me love diapers any less, but maybe it changed my perspective on wearing 24/7. i'd like to do it again sometime.

    i think you should go for it. there are some people who wear 27/7 permanently and enjoy every moment of it, and maybe that's you too, but my prediction will be that you'll get tired of it after a while and want to go back to wearing when it's convenient. either way, it'll be a fun learning experience.

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    I've been wanting to do this for a few years but can never find a good time or have the privacy enough to pull it off

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