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Thread: TSA and diapers.

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    Default TSA and diapers.

    Has anyone gone through the body scanners with a diaper on yet? I am heading down to Dallas for a business trip and i am concerned about it, because i have heard some horror stories about people being taken into another room and strip searched because they were wearing a diaper.
    I am personally not a fan of the TSA, because i believe they constantly violate peoples unreasonable search and seizure rights.
    All that being said, what do y'all think?

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    Butterfly Mage


    Nope. The TSA looked through my carry-on bag once and said nothing about it containing diapers.

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    erm i wouldent wear the diaper i mean put them in a bag or something prob what ur gonna do i just wouldent take the risk x.x

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    I thought the strip/body searches was when you opted out of the scanning...

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    well the TSA has the right to do a full body search if they feel its necessary regardless of wether you go through the scanner or not. I fly often, and I'm getting ready to take another trip to the philippines in april. suffice to say, I have a lot of experience with the TSA and diapers, as a 24/7 wearer. probably 8-9 out of 10 people that go through security will not have to face a body scanner or a full body search. (this does not include the standard metal detector or hand wand scanning that all security checkpoints have) if your airport does have the full body scanners (read:backscatter X-ray scanners) and you opt out of going through it, you WILL be searched by a TSA agent, and you could miss your flight. despite the horrible news all of us US citizens have heard about the elderly and the TSA believing it a threat to national security that they were wearing a diaper (yes I despise, loath and honestly downright hate the TSA and the entire DOHS) the reality is, if you go through a security checkpoint and you are requested to do a full body scan (note, not all airports have these) and you opt-out, you are really unlikely to have to remove your diaper. as bad as the incidents are that we have heard about, they are extremely isolated when you take into account how many people per day, the TSA screens at airports. its far more likely that wearing a diaper will have no impact on you getting through the security checkpoint. if its obvious you are wearing one, they will take note of it. if you have extra diapers in the carryon you are bringing through security, they will take note, and most agents have enough common sense to realize you are wearing a diaper and handle your screening appropriately.

    I have not had to go through one of these scanners, as I have not been through an airport that has them, at least not that I have noticed. so I have not had to deal with the choice of opt-out or not. But I have had a full search done on me once. I don't really know why, maybe it was because I was visibly aggravated with the way the TSA agents were yelling and treating everyone, and I had just got of a 14 hour flight from tokyo and I despise washington-dulles airport, so the screener decided to make my day more miserable? regardless, she pulled my aside and told me that she needed to do a full search. I complied, despite having very little time to get to my departing terminal (did I mention how much I hate washington-dulles?) I was taken to a room just aside from the security area and a full body search was done. I did not have to remove my diaper, it wasn't even requested. but I can't say that all agents will follow this level of common sense.

    all in all if you do have to face a full body scanner and you opt-out, be prepared to be held up and probably treated crappy for it, but I would think its unlikely that you will have to remove a diaper should you be wearing one, especially now after the embarrassments that the TSA has suffered (more than once!) over diaper related body searches. so I wouldn't worry too much about it, and you won't be pulled aside just for wearing a diaper. thousands of people go through the security checkpoints daily, wearing diapers.

    some important points to remember: do not have to be taken to a private room, you CAN request to be screened in the open if you feel more comfortable that way (if you refuse either you will not be able to fly)
    2. if you are requested to do a full body search, ALWAYS make sure to agent changes their protective gloves before screening you. if you see they didn't. absolutely request that they do.
    3.if you are traveling with someone they can be with you, even in a private room for a full body screening.

    this link may be helpful, even though it doesn't mention anything specifically about diapers or incontinence garments specifically.

    TSA: Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions
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    I've gone through the TSA full body scanners a number of times now while wearing diapers. They have never said anything to me about it. I have only had one comment from a TSA agent in years of travelling. It was during a hand search (for toothpaste in my bag!) and the comment was "are you travelling with a baby?" to which I answered No.

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    I was asked to change out of my diaper into one that had went through their security scanners before, But I have never been through one of the body scanners before, my local airport has only just got them. Other times I have had no problems with diapers in my bag going through airport security.

    Even when I was asked to change, They weren't rude about it or anything, and let me use a room where I was left alone. Still wasn't too happy about it though. Suppose it could have been worse if it was in a US Airport, where every time I go through they treat me like a criminal.

    Anyway, as people above have said, the searches were replaced by the scanner, and will only happen if you say no to being scanned. The chances are you won't even got stopped for any of that.

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    I went through the scanner just last month. not one problem at the airport at San Jose, CA. just dont be so nervous looking as you do then they can think your hiding something besides padding.

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    Um? TSA and Diapers. Once you have checked your case in, sadly its still not safe from their searchs. I returned from the US to the UK on Tuesday, checked my case in at the desk adn thought nothing of it. My case has one of those built in combination lock thingies.

    When I got back to my house all jet lagged and tired as hell I just went strait to bed. In the morning I decieded to start to unpack my stuff. When I unlocked it, I opened the lid, contained inside was a slip of paper saying something along the lines of "your bag was searched by the TSA bla bla bla and your bag was locked and the lock may have been damaged". So they obviously searched my out the back after I checked it in. I have no idea how they managed to get in because my lock was fully functional and was fully secure when I picked it back up in London. On closer inspection of the lock, I noticed a key hole type thing, so one must assume that they have a kinda universal key to get into peoples bags?

    Anyway, back to the subject of TSA and diapers, I had no nappies in my case. But if they did find any, they couldnt do a thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anna s View Post
    I noticed a key hole type thing, so one must assume that they have a kinda universal key to get into peoples bags?
    Did it have the TSA 003 or 4 if it has that then they can open it.

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