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Thread: Hello, I'm new here :)

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    Default Hello, I'm new here :)

    Hello fellow ABs and DLs!
    I've had a fascination with diapers probably since I was 7, but swept it under the rug for many years. Once I got into college my interest was sparked again and I started searching the internet for others like me, but didn't do much from there. A couple months ago I bought my first pack of Pampers size 7 cruisers and have been hooked ever since. Around that time I also expressed my interest in diapers to my boyfriend. To my surprise he was actually cool with it and now he's also my daddy! ^_^
    Sadly I can only unleash my baby side when I go home, since I live in a dorm and have a roommate. Fortunately school is also a good distraction so I don't think about baby stuff too much.
    Thanks for reading!

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    Yay hi wellcome mu names crel can u tell us about other interest such as music favs sports etc ty ;D<3

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    Hi Crel!
    I don't play sports... unless you count bowling lol. But I love photography and making videos. I'm actually going to school as a film major. And I'm also into some nerdy stuff like video games

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    YEA! do u play battle of the immortals errr perfectworld games or perhaps a low graded game like habbo or gaia o.o?

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    Nah, I'm more into Pokemon and Wii games. I'm a far cry from a hardcore gamer lol. I can easily play Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, or any of the Pokemon games for hours on end. What do you play?

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    Hi pamperedpiplup!

    We have lots of gamers here; you might want to check out some of the gamer "group pages" here!

    Have fun getting to know the whole site really well!

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    Hi! i just wanted to say your picture is really cute i would have private messaged you that but i said some things a while back i shouldnt've said so my reputation went down a bit so i cant PM still

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