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    My name is Jacob Im 13 years old and i live in delaware.I play the Trumpet,Guitar and do JROTC.
    I first started noticing my "Diaper Addiction" when i was around 5 and i would steal (or at least try to) my little cousins diapers.On many occasions i would be caught.I have tried to hide my Addiction until now when i started to be attracted to diapers again.Now i make my home made diapers out of trash bags and paper towels. I just wish i could get some real diapers. Thanks for reading and Friend Request me if u want.
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    Hi chillichirp, and welcome to ADISC! You'll find a lot of friends here that has parental problems. Many threads are added daily that discuss this issue and a wide variety of other things. You said you like music and ROTC, well there are probably groups you can join to find friends with like hobbies.

    Anyways, I'm also a musician that plays guitar, and I'm always looking for new friends. Just send me a message.

    Thanks and again, welcome!

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    Hi Chillichirp

    Welcome to ADISC!
    That's great you play a few instruments! Just curious, are you good at "Guitar Hero"?

    I got into DL at the age of 11, it was pretty random also (more info on my blog).

    Have fun checking out the whole site, and I'm sure you will make friends here from all over the world!


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    Hey! I'm from Delaware, too! Welcome to ADisc. :]

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    Welcome im a second year in jrotc im out of it next year though lol,

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    Im amazing at "guitar hero". lol

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    Coo! What part of delaware are you from? Im from the lewes area!

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