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    Okay so I may not be able to order bambinos on time for next wednesday. If I have to buy from a store what do i want? I have a wal-mart, walgreens, kinney drugs, and price chopper around me, and the walmart doesn't have attends.

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    If you really prefer plastic backed diapers then any one of those stores should have depends max with tabes. If you don't mind cloth backed diapers then I would just go with a store brand diaper. Doesn't really matter which store because all store brand briefs (to my knoledge anyway) are about the same. If Wallmart has your size, then that might be the cheapest unless one of your other stores is having a sale.

    What is the rush for wednesday anyways?

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    I second patrick1776's advice. When I was in college and wasn't able to order via the net, I would always go with the Depends Max Protection.

    They aren't fancy, but I always found they did the job. They are plastic-backed, which I have always found does a superior job of preventing leaks.

    I haven't tried any store brands (outside of Walgreen's version of Goodnites, which are AWFUL), but I can recommend the Depends if you have no other options.

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    my roomate WAS going home but now he's staying
    I'll kepp all of this in mind for next time though thanks guys (I still really want to try the bambinos...)

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