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Thread: Doctor won't be doing anymore tests...

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    Question Doctor won't be doing anymore tests...

    I have an unusual issue gang. My Dr. wont be doing any more tests on me regarding my incontinence. I live in Ireland and get free medical which is a bonus since I can't afford it anyway. However I would like to know what is the underlying cause of the issues I have.

    To date he has only performed a cursory physical test and blood tests. I am 35 years old and am a bit concerned about prostate health and so forth.

    Getting another Dr is not an option at the moment since I have a health care card with him listed as my primary care physician.

    Basically I asked him about getting more tests done regarding it as there is a year waiting list for Urology specialists.

    Any suggestions on what to do or say to get him to help me take the tests further?
    Thanks -

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    Sorry, I'm at a loss here. What exactly do you mean he "won't be doing any more tests"?? Can he do that? Does he have a diagnosis and as such feel the tests are unnecessary?? Or is it because you can't afford it and you'd have to pay for those tests??

    Sorry, for me it just read like he won't do it because he doesn't want to even though he doesn't know what your problem is.

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    Maybe he doesn't have the equipment to do any more than what he's already done, so he's just saying that he's not wasting the time or government's money by redoing the same tests over and over. You probably just need to wait to see the urologist to get any further clarification on things.

    I doubt he's stopping the tests just to screw you around when your medical costs would be covered by the government and he's getting paid either way.

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    So not having reviewed your history, done your physical exam, reviewed labs, or spoken to your physician I can't really comment on his clinical reasoning, however, a few general comments (as always not medical advice, you should speak with your physician to receive medical advice, etc):

    1) In most cases the majority of the diagnosis actually comes from the history with some help from the physical exam, most of the time lab tests are useful adjuncts to confirm the diagnosis and/or rule out less likely, but more critical diagnosis. That said, a physical exam for the complaint of incontinence could seem pretty short, there are the few things that will always be done and you want to check for exam findings which might suggest a more significant underlying causes, but one wouldn't need to necessarily go in depth on all of the organ systems. For that specific complaint a lot of the diagnosis will come from how you describe your voiding habits and any history of spinal cord problems, trauma, diabetes, or previous work-ups.

    2) As far as prostate issues in general, you can assess a lot with a simple digital rectal exam, basically it will not only give you an assessment of rectal tone, which reflects on the spine, but also allows for palpitation of the prostate, which, if there was some infection would be painful. At the end of the day though, unless a patient was having a lot of pain prostate issues generally aren't at the top of the list in younger patients, basically both prostate enlargement, which is more likely to cause voiding issues, and cancer are diseases of men, and there really isn't any reason to chase that too much in people at a really low base-line risk unless there is some ridiculous strong family/genetic history.

    3) And overall just to second a lot of things others have mentioned, its likely that what you ran up against is the limit of the primary care provider to interpret or order exams, depending on how the system there is set up, it is possible that a urologist would be the only one able to order further studies. Furthermore, even if the PCP could order the study, if he is not comfortable interpreting and acting on it then he might have decided that it makes more sense to wait until the specialist is involved, especially if he has addressed the urgent concerns. An important (and under-utilized) concept is to always make sure you know what the provider plans to do with a test result before they order the test, if the answer ends up being nothing, or nothing different then what they would do without the test the decision to obtain the information might need to be revisited...

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    Thank you for your replies.
    Yes I do feel like he is at the limit of what he can do for me... however he did not send the letters needed to get the schedule set for me to see the urology specialists.

    When I talk to him about this he kind of gives me the impression that i'm not going to benefit from seeing the specialists.

    He has addressed the urgent concerns except the prostate. I'm not sick and its not caused by an infection or failing organs or anything that I know of.

    I have shared with him the history of the family, no one has prostate cancer in the immediate family.
    My father just suffered with an enlarged prostate but not due to an infection or anything.

    I am just frustrated that I brought this problem to him several years ago and all he does is order the occasional blood test and one scan about a year ago.
    I brought more serious (to me) pressing issues such as migraine and other illnesses to him and it was seen to right away. I am used to wearing now after 4 years plus of having this issue but I would still like to know the cause. I hope this makes sense.

    A bit of history - I had a bladder infection after coming out of hospital prematurely due to work issues. Thats when things first started with me. Since then I have also fallen down a flight of stairs and severely injured my back. Something that I did not get looked at until much later due to financial constraints... What started as night wetting eventually started happening in the day as well. My back is fine now but I do get the occasional bladder infection still as well.

    I have another appointment this next week I plan on just asking him to send me for the Urology tests or try to give me a better or more upfront reason why he does not feel its needed. I don't know what else to do.

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    Has anyone else ever had issues with a Dr. not wanting to do more tests to find the cause of IC?
    This to me is so strange I was at a loss for words when talking to him last about this.

    thanks for replies.

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