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    Greetings all! I have been a lurker on the site for the past month or so and figured I better post this and start getting involved....

    My name is Kyle, I am 28 years old and from Michigan. I enjoy wearing diapers and have since I was around 15. It seems to stem from the fact that I had bed wetting issues when I was young and occasional bed wetting issues until I was around 13. I wish I would have had diapers when I was a teen, because I usually wet myself when I was away from home

    I am 5'8" 175 lbs. I can fit into Goodnites L/XL and they are one of my favorites! I also like to wear the boring depends and try others. Looking to find some smaller diapers that fit better than the medium....I did just buy some luvs, they kinda fit for about 10 minutes before breaking

    Other than diapers, I enjoy video games (especially Final Fantasy), computers, books, camping, and Star Wars. I am happily engaged to my fiance. She does wear for me on occasion, but is not a huge fan ( I am grateful when she does though).

    Ok....I feel like I have been going on forever.....glad to have found this site....thanks everyone!

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    Rsome introduction an i bedwetted till 13 aswell if that means anything to u xD, But cool not realy into ff but! ive played many of there games i like the square einx vers the best

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    Hi Kyle!

    I hope you get the chance to post more, once you get to 20 postings, you'll get access to even more of ADISC!

    Add me to this list of chronic bedwetters, i wet the bed till about a month or two after I turned 14.

    I was just used to wetting every night, it bothered other people more than it bothered me (I just slept through it), and the weird thing is, I was happy to outgrow BW, and move on, yet soon after I really missed being able to wear diapers every night (and get them from my parents and not have to worry about hiding the diapers sneaking wet diapers out). The best thing about outgrowing BW was i didnt have to have the noisy plastic sheets on my bed!

    Congratulations on your wedding plans! Its awesome she accepts you, and she wears sometimes just to keep you happy! She sounds like a "keeper'!

    Do you plan to see all six of the Star Wars movies coming out soon on 3D?

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