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Thread: Diaper Cashier Talk

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    Has a cashier ever asked you about your diaper purchase during the checkout?
    In a drug store this week the young lady said these Depends are really a good deal and just smiled. I gave her several coupons and she smiled again.
    In a medical supply store last month the lady asked me all kinds of questions in helping me determine the best diaper for my needs.
    I prefer to use the auto checkout lanes in the grocery store or order on line.
    Do you talk about diaper stuff in the checkout line?

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    Almost never. I had one last year insist on printing me up some coupons for the next purchase, which is a lost cause because I don't care for coupons in general and I'm certainly not going to keep them around for the next time I go back to buy, which could be months later. I'm not much for small talk with cashiers, so it's rare that there's anything other than the obligatory greetings and thanks. Diapers aren't quite enough to make me interesting to them or them to me.

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    I can only recall one time that I've had any kind of comment from a cashier while buying diapers. The comment was "wow, these are expensive". That was it.

    I'm kind of surprised that I've never had any other comments given that I've made purchases most likely well over a hundred times.

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    Closest I've ever gotten to someone asking about them was, "Did you want me to double bag these?"

    To which I replied, "Umm...Sure? I suppose they are kind of heavy."

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    I bought some in a thrift store and the sticker color was for furniture. The lady was like why are these marked as furniture? Then responded to herself I guess because you sit on them. It was kind of funny. She was nice. I have had a few cashiers go into a state of shock when I buy them. Also an older lady saying that i was getting a good deal at a thrift store as well.

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    The act of buying adult diapers is one of the bigger thrills for me in my fetish. Something about the rush and how the cashier at least acts like they aren't judging you is enjoyable to me. I'm not sure why, as I know it seems to be the bane of a lot people's fetish here.

    I think I told all my stories about this in another less recent thread about this. Buying diapers online is kind of a bummer though.. even though its the most convenient way and also the only way to get certain diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CVS91 View Post
    Closest I've ever gotten to someone asking about them was, "Did you want me to double bag these?"

    To which I replied, "Umm...Sure? I suppose they are kind of heavy."
    Mabey they were just being cool because you couldn't see the label through 2 bags? I guess you might know because of the shape but alot of things are shaped like that. Can't wait to buy diapers of my own though :0 soon... soon...

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    The lady just asked if I had a CVS card (which I didn't) so she offered to let me use hers.

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    I've never had any trouble. Usually since I'm a girl, if they don't ask because they just assume its for my period. My parents get that excuse too. I wear them a lot for my period but during the period, I do a lot of wetting and such because its such a nice feeling.

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    Once the girl at the cash register asked me if they were for my child. I said no and she said good, you are too young to have children hahahaha. She then assumed they were for my younger brother or sister (which I don't have) and I didn't correct her. Fun times..

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