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Thread: How one discovers that they are AB

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    Default How one discovers that they are AB

    So. In a span of two years I went from curious about wearing diapers, to loving to wear diapers and never wanting to do anything else babyish, to curious about AB, to AB. Did anyone else here start out the same way? Did you have battles with yourself about succumbing to your inner most desires? I know I did. I eventually just couldn't deny myself what I enjoyed doing. I went from ordering a sample of depends in the mail, to ordering bambinos and abenas. Every step seemed like a struggle with myself. I went from ordering a pacifier, to a bottle and sleepers. It's been quite the journey, and I'm glad I've discovered this part of me. I'm glad that my long past history of wetting the bed, and remembering how good it felt to wear pull ups combined with random people I met over the internet sparked my curiosity and that I am where I am today. So tell me guys. What was your journey like? :3

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    You know, ive had a very long journey. I only thought I was a DL, but under my big 18 year old ego, I have a toddler just waddling around, deep inside me, and I had no idea. I think the origin was started with watching TV when I was around 10 years old. I was watching Kids Next Door on Cartoon Network, and there was an episode with a baby boss, that wet himself regularly in the course of the episode.

    Anyways, that peaked my interest in wanting to see what that felt like, so i started stealing toilet paper rolls from my bathroom and wetting them while in bed. then I saw Family Guy, with a stewie scene, when he said something like, "Ah i see somebody has a dirty diaper, dear God, why does that turn me on?" that tripped my interest even more to explore doing #2 into my makeshifts. And of course all the Fairy Odd Parents, which is chocked full of secretly inserted AB stuff in there.

    But 8 years have passed since then and has come up to this night that I had my first AB desires shown to me. If you want to read about my experience, I posted it in the adult baby section called "my first legit regression". Long story short, my AB/DL desires branched from cartoon media. They should really watch what they put on those channels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCH0NH31T View Post
    So. In a span of two years I went from curious about wearing diapers, to loving to wear diapers and never wanting to do anything else babyish, to curious about AB, to AB. Did anyone else here start out the same way?
    Thanks for your post. I think that this is something most of us who are AB have wondered about. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I think the same question is asked by those who are DL, but have not experienced being AB. The question is still the same.

    For me, it started while I was very young. I remember being attracted to baby things, but particularly a diaper. As a teenager, I found ways to purchase diapers, but sometimes experimented with other items, such as a bottle and baby food. Yeech! I found that I couldn't handle the taste and texture of baby food, and there wasn't much interest in other items for a while other than diapers.

    However, eventually I found that pacifiers, bottles, and baby clothing kind of enhanced the experience. That I guess is when I figured out I also was AB.

    Being a cowboy (yes, an actual cowboy) is so far different from being AB or DL that it has often been a real struggle for me. The rough and tumble image of cowboy life just doesn't fit with the more cuddly image of being a baby. Also, cowboys aren't supposed to cry, and you have probably heard the saying, "Cowboy Up!". This again doesn't fit well with wearing diapers or drinking from a bottle.

    However, somehow, the two of these eventually merged, and I realize that even when I am breaking a colt or getting stepped on by a bull I may be actually (or just inwardly) wearing a diaper underneath my tough outside.

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    Oh, what a journey it has been! I fear repeating what SCH0NH31T said in the OP, as the road I have walked is very similar.

    Without being able to express what I felt, I understood my heart and soul craved the sensations of youth, even while I was still very much a youngster. I even recall my stubbornness when Mom was potty training me. I carried around my baby blanket until I was around twelve; even then, I ended up crying when my dad said 'no more' and cut me off. I would even try to fool my grandparents and babysitters into thinking I still needed diapers when I was six and seven years old.

    Basically, my main focus was that of a DL while I was young. This was primarily because many of the other AB accoutrements were still acceptable for me to posses. I didn't feel like I was missing anything, outside of padding. At that age, I didn't stop to think how bizarre this craving truly was; I guess it came with the innocence of the age.

    However, eventually it began to catch up with me. Once I was in middle school, the concept of shame over what I desired reared its ugly head. I would cry a lot at night, squeezed into a Goodnite. (To age myself, this was back when they were white with only a 'BACK' tag printed inside.) It made me feel so whole, but also very scared. I would throw them out and swear 'em off, time and time again.

    Luckily, moving off to school allowed me to break from the confines I felt at home. Sophomore year, I started to discover various websites that tapped into these feelings I had and suddenly, what once scared me, wasn't so frightening. Thanks to wonderful folks like Jade Fox, I gained an understanding that not only were these feelings okay to have, I also wasn't alone, not by a long shot. With this new-found sense of sanity, I started to buy padding rather frequently, at least when I felt confident that my then-girlfriend wouldn't find out.

    I became more comfortable with who I was and eventually revealed to her this side of me. It was around then that I also realized I was a littefur, although I waited to reveal that nugget of information to her until more recently. I found myself yearning for footed pajamas and things of the sort. From that point on, I just continued to grow more accustomed to who I was and rather than let it weigh me down, I flourished through it. I knew I had a place to run to where I could be me. The world has always been difficult for me to understand; gaining a perspective on this side of me made it all easier to bear.

    From there, the rest is history. I have been an AB happily now for about eight years. I have sleepers, plushies and play-clothes; I love coloring and cuddling. Getting a tuck in at the end of a long day has to be one of the best things in the world! It provides such a feeling of security that I haven't found anywhere else.

    I suppose that goes for a lot of my AB tendencies: they are unmatched in the power they hold in my heart. It really lends credence to the adage that nothing worth having ever came easy. Looking back, I can relate entirely. ^^

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    I had a deep down sexual interest in diapers since I was little. I thought I was a freak until the mid 90's when I first got on the Internet and discovered there were others like me.

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    I've had these desires to regress since I was barely 4 and in the midst of potty training...(yeah, I've always been a late bloomer). I don't know why but it was particularly stressful. I've been told I was afraid of being flushed and I was obsessed with diapers during the potty training process, especially the word 'diaper.' To me it was the funniest word EVER. I even taught the family bird to say it. :p I was also very attached to my pacifier until it was 'given away to the baby reindeer.'

    Well anyway, I remember actually craving the feeling of wearing diapers instead of using the toilet. I'd sneak into leftover pull-ups after I was trained, but that stopped soon after.

    During childhood I'd always like playing the child or the weaker/cuter character in my games, and it was only when I noticed one friend thought that was weird that I saw that my interests were not normal. In later childhood I suppressed my babyish feelings until puberty hit. In the process of teenage experimenting, I discovered that the thought of boys didn't arouse me as much as imagining I was regressing, just like I played it out as a little child. I have fought with these feelings ever since. I have had no real chance to act it out in the real world which makes it difficult for me to suppress it, especially because both the diapers and the regressing are a deep-seated fetish for me.

    Since I discovered I was not the only one (thank you, internet) I feel better about myself, but I still (like many others, I'm sure) am scared that I won't find anyone that can accept me - both sides of me, and be my husband/daddy.

    So yeah, still growing into this...maybe I'll never stop.

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    TeddyBr_Cowboy : I know how you feel when it comes to a tough side of you clashing with the AB. I've still had issues over the last month or so with when bring the AB side of me out, and when to be a dom, which I am but we won't get into details. xP Luckily, my loving boyfriend, and a very good friend of mine who knows about both of these sides of me have been able to start to help me through it. I guess I should just go with what I feel when I feel it. But that is quite the story. :3

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    Kaetorian: I agree completely. Media has quite the influence on people. Not that it's a bad thing though. : D

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    CryBabyBoo: Yay for the internet! ^^ The internet did play a big role in both sparking my curiosity as well as helping me fit in.

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    onecho: Yep, pretty much along those lines. Funny how things work out like that. I'm glad that you have found peace with yourself. ^^ thank you for your insightful story. :]

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    Ah. I snuck into leftover pullups after wetting the bed too. ^^ I sincerely hope you do find someone who can be those things for you. It can bring you out more than ever. :3

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    For me, I've always had varying delays. I am diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Severe Anxiety, massive emotional issues... you name it. It's given me a lot of comfort issues and at times I question whether I am really 23. Clearly I don't feel like an adult. I feel more like I am a small child trapped inside of the body of a 23 year old woman. I still cry all the time, especially if things don't go as I planned. I am still the spoiled rotten daddy's girl that my daddy has made me into. I am also a whiner at times too. I am loud and really hyperactive. I watch cartoons over more adult rated things. I NEVER watch horror movies. I even watch things on Disney channel and Cartoon Network and Nick on a daily basis. Sometimes I watch Little Bear and Chuggington too. Even little Einsteins.

    However, I don't wear diapers because of other reasons. Many reasons. I still have the deep inner child that is so hard to supress. When I get hyper and excited, I squeal and giggle while my arms are flapping. When angry I throw myself to the floor and scream in panic. When I was youunger, I was more tuned to my own world and having lots of head injuries in the past, mild of course... has rattled up my brain so that I have more delays than doctors have even realized.

    I think its gotten worse as I got older. I actually have dents in my forehead. I was a very carefree no danger child. Anything I did I never got hurt and even know I get hurt and I just stand right back up and keep going. I can be daring and sometimes I can be timid and still that extremely shy girl who withdraws from everyone. I was never into imaginative play until I got older and I started enjoying house or school with my cousins. They were much younger and I was around twelve or thirteen. Me and my cousin Krista actually went to sleep in her sister's baby diapers once and I actually filled mine. XD I still remember that and I remember actually enjoying it.

    I wouldn't say it was much of a journey. For me, I just never grew up. Because of Autism and all those other issues. It's kept me at a child like level that is now become a comfort thing for me. I even hate hospitals and dentists with so much passion that I run out crying because of how frightened I am. I can't even be touched without going in some terror kind of mode.

    Autism has become a way for me to tune into my deep inner child and enjoy that while I have a chance. Yet harder for me to drag myself out of because I am still an adult. It's the hardest part of my life because I try doing grown up things but my mind just blocks itself and I can't do it. I start crying under all the stress.

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    I think my AB side stems from my love of cartoon briefs (underoos). I'm more of a DL than an AB though, so I don't have many AB memories from growing up. Diapers and bedwetting on the other hand.. that's another story!

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