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    Just a few questions about furry ferrets and their characteristics.

    What are the stereotypes associated with them? I've heard they are supposed to be flexible and fast,. I was thinking about giving my (non BF/DF) ferret character expert parkour skills.

    Do ferrets growl or make any other noise when angry?

    Thanks. I'm quite new to all of this.

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    I use to have a ferret (by the way, best pet ever). They don't make much noise, if anything they make a hurping (yea I made that word up) giggle sound, somewhat similar to a cat's pur. I've heard her make a screech sound before, though I'm not sure is she was mad or not.

    They are very playful and often jump on your leg with their claws and then run away. They like to pounce around a lot and burrow under your bed sheets, furniture cushions, under furniture, or anywhere else they can fit. They like to steal particular things too and stash them in hard to find places through your house. I'd best characterize them as a jaunty thief. I like the parkour idea too, as she would make rather daring jumps sometimes and liked running all over the place.

    Edit: Oh, and they sleep a lot too. Always had to check she wasn't napping under my bed sheets so I wouldn't sit on her.

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    Ah, so Furry!Nathan Drake...sounds cool. I have him written as a Mirrors Edge-style ex-cop/mercenary.

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