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Thread: Do your parents know you wear them?

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    Default Do your parents know you wear them?

    I am wondering because my parents aren't supportive of my likeness for them, especially my mom. She's find my diapers I've peed in and gotten mad at me. That's why I'm wondering if there are any diaper loves out there who are like me.

    I don't have friends who wear them either or support me so its really hard. I want to wear them and I've always used the excuse of getting them for my period which I do wear them for. The hardest part for me is that I don't like going to the bathroom unless I am at home.

    So I end up holding it as much as I can tell I get home. My mom always knows if I wear the diapers because I have no way of getting rid of them without her questioning what I was doing.

    If you parents don't know then how do you dispose of them wothout your parents questioning you and such? I can't stash them anywhere or they start to smell and she can pick that up.

    I can't explain to her why I like them because she's very strict about these sort of things. I know my dad won't be supportive because he just wouldn't understand it either.

    I'm really at a loss for keeping it a secret from them.

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    I'm a diaper lover, but I don't tell my parents. I've got a strict mom too. It's impossible for me to get real diapers right now, so I make home made diapers at night when everybody is asleep then wear them. To dispose of the diaper just put if in a bag and tie it and go outside and take it out to the trash. Or take it to the public trashes. Which ever works for you. My parents wouldn't understand me liking diapers either. I keep this diaper secret from my parents. I don't know anyone in real life that likes to wear diapers either. A lot of people don't. Some do. Don't worry, you're not alone .

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    If want keep diapers in the room go like dollar store and pick up a box of plastic diaper disposal bags they should be a dollar store for like ten bags and they're scented to mask the diaper odor almost got flower smell to them or Lysol. Just click this link and see what talking about it cheap way throw out so your parents don't knowing.
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