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Thread: Fantasy room or bedroom?

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    Default Fantasy room or bedroom?

    If you are allowed to have a sissy or LG style bedroom or den or something... what would it look like? Keep it simple though.

    For me, I would paint the walls lavender colour with white trims. I would have posters of Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, and Harry Potter all over the walls. My bedding would be something cute with flowers or butterflies on it. My furniture would be white, including cute desk for my laptop perhaps. Yes, what can I say? I am modern LG. =)

    Technically, I can do this but unfortunately, I do care what guests or my family would think if they visit and see a room like that in my house. They would think I have lost my mind. =P

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    I've thought of this type of room before.

    Not sure how many rooms you have, but im sure if you want this type of room it's doable and explainable.

    I'm thinking of doing a room girly at my place.

    But I have a live in girlfriend too...and many rooms that need decorating and such..

    Master bedroom needs's just painted not even curtains yet.

    Boys room...yep 8 year old...somewhat done...bunk beds and guitar Xbox etc...

    Guest bedroom done...generic

    Still have rooms left to decorate...

    Have been thinking of doing a room girly and still have a nursery room, but gf wants crib in bedroom with her so still working it out...

    So my gf might do one room real girly for fun...can use for play also...but we might not do full nursery and insted put the crib in an alcove in master suite and use nursery room for art studio or's like 500 square feet...

    But of its not your regular or only bedroom you could come up with a reason for guests and family im sure.

    With so many bedrooms here it's easy to get away with a theam on a couple of them.

    Now my concern is the crib in the master suite, although it would be in an alcove in the suite...not really seen unless really poking around in the master...this ismy concern...but how many people poke around the master bedroom?


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    if you have a lot of plushies you can use it for a toy bin when not in use it will distract most people and they wont think nothing of it when they visit. i have one in my den that i leave the side down when not in use and throw some pillows in it like a love seat/setty and it blemds in realy good with the rest of the room.

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