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Thread: What would you recommend for the week alone.

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    Default What would you recommend for the week alone.

    Ok so heres the deal. In about a month I will have my college dorm room and basically my entire floor to myself. I am contemplating what I should do with that time. I will have obligations each day and my girlfriend will be down the road at her college about a mile away. But other than that I will be left to my own devices.

    I am thinking about indulging in some diapers. I was thinking about getting some goodnites because I can buy them at the store. Or I could get some high quality somewhere else but that means I would have to get them before because the mail room won't be open when I am alone. Money is not an issue, but descretion is.

    I would like to hear any recommondations for things to do in this situation or what you would do.

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    Drive up to a nearby pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens ect. ect) There you should be able to do 1 of 2 things. Either send a package of higher quality diapers to that store via internet and pick them up and pay for them there or just buy a pack of Goodnites at the store itself and "Indulge" when you see fit. I hope this helps

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    i would recommend that u get adult diapers, and goodnites, u may like 1 over the other, and in that week, i would go 24/7 :3

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    All the way 24/7 in cringkly diapers. Abenas M2 to M4 would do it for me. Hey, enjoy it.

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    Haha I wish I could go 24/7, but I need to play lacrosse everyday and hang out with my girlfriend who doesn't know. It would get kinda ackward if she took my pants off and found me wearing a diaper XD. But I am going to try to wear as often as I can.

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    I know when my parents are out I just get padded, pig out and play xbox

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