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    Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm Jabby (or Jabus which is loose latin for James )

    Now to describe me I'm an avid user of spell-check but I also don't notice grammatical mistakes a lot xP, and I love reading. Just today I finished A feast for Crows and started A Dance with Dragons (very happy to be reading about Dany again) Umm I love movies (at least good ones ;D) in my top ten is probably Donny Darko, and ummm Don't know

    so Thats me I guess I'm very forgetful to, and very tired as I write this and reading over it is hard but it looks like I did a good job at not making myself look like a fool. But now that I thing about it I used to many 'm's in my umm's so I'm going to fix that xP it looks better now I had like 50 in each lulz

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    Hi Jabby44

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Just curious, has it been a cold winter up in Maine?

    I hope you will wnjoy some nice spring weather soon!

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    Wellcome, i hope you enjoy your time on adisc its sure to be amazing ;D

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