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Thread: Goodnites Improved now with waistband

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    Default Goodnites Improved now with waistband

    I was shopping at my local supermarket and always like to walk down the diaper isle, when i got to the goodnites I notices that they said improved so i stoped in looked and they are saying they have improved the protection and now have put a waistband into them kind of like whats in the pullups learning design ones now.

    They have dirtbikes on them again. More like an underjams design with the image being larger, instead of multiple small images there are only one or two on the front. They have a softer feel to them like pullups and less of the paper feel like the older goodnites with the soccer players. They feel slightly thicker and the sides feel like they will definately hold up and not stretch out as badly as the older ones. They may even be a bit larger in width and length than the older ones (though not to much) I am glad they went back to dirtbikes they look really cool. (not much of a soccer person)

    Hope this helps everyone.

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    I will have to try them but i think they have been out for a while.

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    First time i have seen them on the shelf, thought i would share is all. There wasnt a thread on them already.

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    Well im just saying i didnt mean to say this was a bad idea.

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    No worries, I didnt take it that way. Just thought some people who havent seen them would like to know is all. Cheers

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    damn I just spent my allowance on the old versions =(

    but I don't see anything about them on

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    wow i just bought some of the old style tonight, i think the soccer ones are smaller then the race car ones.

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    the soccer ones have been the smallest thus far, but now that underjams are out Goodnites is really revamping their product. I know the capacity has gone up from the old soccer player ones, as well as the feeling of the materials. Sorry my camera has died I had a funeral for it a few weeks ago. Saving up to buy a new one.

    Hope this helps someone.

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