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Thread: Free Shodai!!!

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    Default Free Shodai!!!

    An immense error has recently occured shaking the foundations of ADISC to its knees. If let unnoticed it will annihilate the entire galaxy faster than any wimpy blackhole from Switzerland could. Forget about global warming, it doesn't even exist, this however is a reality.
    Namely, as you have undoubtedly already taken note of and are at this very moment constructing witty signs to protest with, my lack of vipness .
    I urge you all to make a minimal contribuation to me personally so we can bit by bit fight to correct this blatant injustice. Here are some direct quotes from Shodai and other witnesses who bore witness to this terrible crime.

    "W...T....F!" said Shodai, 19, the victim of the atrosoty, others shared his disbelief "I was scared." a frightened, mother of two passerby said. "Things like this shouldn't happen in this day and age, it's a disgrace." Shodai's local shopowner was quoted as saying.

    If we stand together (not too close now some of you are pretty ****ing creepy) nothing can stand in our way...!

    Here is a sympathy enducing / adorable picture to not brainwash you:

    Thank you for your time.

    Rep me.
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    I believe in Harv... err, Shodai!

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    I present the official Shodai campaign badge, please stick this on your frontdoor, car windsheilds and on your forehead.
    For one day only you can purchase an official pin to stick on your rucksack or clothing for a measily 2 positive reputations

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    <SARCASM> Oh get over it already. I've got twice the rep of you and I'm not a VIP either. </SARCASM>

    I don't think your little plea is going to help anything. But kudos for trying.

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    You're mistaken, this isn't a plea, don't throw this into the same catergory as African child adoption and sick little puppies, nobody cares about their insignificant problems, afterall this is far worse. I expect results!

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    I made a banner for this. I wanted the theming to be abstract and stuff. I think I should make a career in digital art design. My artistic contribution is open to comment.

    I'm joking about the 'My painting is awesome or whatever' part of the post by the way. -.-

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    whut. You don't see me running off and crying because I'm not VIP, do you? =p

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    A welcome addition to my campaign advertisement, thank you for your contribution Digital. Maybe now God will forgive all your sins.

    whut. You don't see me running off and crying because I'm not VIP, do you? =p
    I have something you must lack, motivation, bribe money and tear ducts.

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    Can I start a campaign to ban Shodai? I think it might be more effective.

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