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    Okay, so, I've been lurking through a lot of abdl sites and such for a long time, and so I decided to finally take the plunge in and join one. ^-^

    And now, About me:
    I'm in my last year of high school, and plan on going to college for an architectural engineering degree (go me!). I play a lot of games on the computer, and I'm fairly good at programming them myselves (though I'm far to embarassed to actually distribute them.... please try to avoid asking).

    I'll play almost any simulation or real time strategy game, and as such, you'll see me often lost in a long game, hard to grab the attention of (Oh well =P).

    I don't think I have any particular, coverall reason for joining the site, but I do hope to get a good time and some good friends out of my time here, which will hopefully be quite a long stay.

    Ummm.... And, well, I suppose that's it for now, be seeing you around. ^-^

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    Hey there, good you decided to take the plunge. For one, it means we aren't too scary here apparently =P, but also always good to see new members! Any simulation or RTS game eh? How about some of the Paradox Interactive games like Heart of Irons or Europa Universalis, they are basically a mix of simulation and strategy!

    Anyways, hope you have a good day and enjoy the site! Oh and of course have plenty of fun

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