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Thread: Finally getting FuuBuu SO excited

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    Default Finally getting FuuBuu SO excited

    So my AB friend has ordered me 2 cloth diapers and 2 plastic pants from FuuBuu, I'm so totally excited, the pants are pink and purple, and he got me some liners too. It'll be a couple weeks to arrive but I just can't wait =^_^=

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    i was actually disjointed when i first wore mine, the Velcro didnt stay put well and it leaked out of the legs. =(

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    I have a lot of different styles from them they are great short of the Velcro and making a seal, so I always where water proof pants((plastic or pul when it is warm) with mine.
    I am ry you had a leak ljustin, I never trust the built in fasteners on diapers cloth, Aio's, disopables or any other kind.

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