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Thread: Wet, Messy, or Both

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    Default Wet, Messy, or Both

    I was wondering if there was one which you prefer over another? Wet or messy? Or both?

    Personally I prefer being slighty wet (maybe twice) and then messing my diapers.

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    You forgot the neither option. Some people like padding, but don't actually like using it.

    As for me, wet is good enough. Messing is just... bleh, not my thing. The smell alone is so bad I don't see how I could like it unless I took some of those pills to dilute it. No interest in regular messing, though.

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    Personally I prefer being slighty wet (maybe twice) and then messing my diapers.
    Agreed! Lately, however, messing has become near impossible due to privacy issues.

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    I prefer wetting over messing. I think that if I had someone to change me after messing, I'd enjoy it more, but I think alone it's just too stressful for an uncomfortable feeling. Wetting, however, feels all warm and comfy even after a half an hour or so. Plus I find it cute when it swells up~

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    (I'm not in diapers yet but I am when I move out of parent's house) I would choose wet over messy because I can't stand having pooh in my diaper for long. I'd quickly change. I wouldn't mind being wet and I'd probably use it a couple of times and then change my diaper.

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    wetting i like the warm, squishy feelin and messing is much harder to clean up

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    I love being wet...waking up in the morning with a wet diaper is one of my favorite things. But messy is even better. My wife allows me to be a DL, but most of the time will not participate. I'd love to have her change me out of a messy diaper though.

    Right now I'm a bit messy, about to go to sleep, and loving the thought of sleeping in my diaper.

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    Wet is the most fun for me. Messy is fun but, I cant stand the fumes for too long. So I rather not mess to save my nose. :P

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