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Thread: Peeing at the sight of diapers

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    The other day I got out of the shower and went over to the closet to get some clothes. Didn't have a diaper on yet, which was taking a risk, as I'm incontinent too. I glanced over at my nice, neat stack of diapers in my closet and whooooosh...out the pee came! Whoops! I guess that's a diaper association. Things like this happen to anyone else?

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    I'm not incontinent, although whenever I see diapers or water... I NEED to pee. Really bad. I think there is a bit of psychological association to it, yes.

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    Not quite, but many times I've come home after a long journey, needing the loo, and nearly wet myself as soon as I open the front door! It's as if my brain goes "I've been holding on for hours, but yep... that's close enough."

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    Tiny speaks my mind, but I don't have to have been holding long.

    My main diaper association is that I poop almost immediately after changing into my morning diaper. Reliable and convenient. One of my kids had the same habit, less convent.

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    This could be along the same lines as seeing water making you want to pee. If you end up building the right connections in your mind it could lead to it I imagine

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    Not quite so defined for me, but there have been times when I have tried and tried to pee before putting a diaper on, only to findI have flooded it a very short time later. I put it down to the diaper gremlin wanting me to spend more on nappies - he must be on commission from Abena!

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