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    Hi, I'm Ghoststripe, and (looks at cheat paper) er... I'm a guy, and I like the fan made stories here, :3 and I love warriors and jimi Hendrix. (I might write a story, but that is a big if) 'cough' it'll also be pretty messed up 'cough'

    So that is me


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    Good luck on the story.. which warrior do you love?... Ancient (like Achieles or Gladiator).. Middle Ages (like Braveheart), WWI/II (like Saving Private Ryan), Korea/Vietnam (like Rambo), current (like Bond/True Lies, XXX) or fantasy (like Conan, Aragorn, or a Stark)?

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    Welcome to the site Ghoststripe. I too am a big Jimmy Hendrix fan, though I became a fan when he first started. I was a college student from 1966 to 1970, during the turbulent years. Hendrix was an awesome guitar player, but more than that, the songs were and still are, amazing. There was so much message in the music of the 60s.

    As a side note, in 1970, Princeton University was excavating for a new building and had a large wooden fence surrounding the site. The students, so many who were massively talented, painted various graffiti on the fence. One was a giant perfect likeness of Hendrix from his album cover, and under it was "Just let me live my life as I want, and let me die they way I want to". That turned out to be so prophetic. I couldn't believe it when he was gone.

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    @gorlaf while I do like firearm less warriors, I was talking about warrior cats.

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    welcome to the site and hope your story is good cause im wonning out of good ones to read lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by awesome123 View Post
    welcome to the site and hope your story is good cause im wonning out of good ones to read lol

    Hi Ghoststripe!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    I have a feeling you are going to love this site and you'll be making lots of posts and connecting to lots of chill people here!

    Just curious, when did you 1st start to like diapers?


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